A little help with our cover art

  • Hey all! Hope everyone is doing great.
    I've been away from the forums for a long time but I'm back on the look for some fresh new eyes on our project. (By the way I'm super excited for this, it's my second book this year!)
    The situation we have now is basically that we don't know how to make the Viber for this book POP! While the interior art is going smooth this part is stuck.
    The book is about budgeting for children and this is what we have as of now, only thing missing is the title text and colors.
    Any thoughts on how we can make it more interesting?


  • Hello! I think your style and colors are awesome in your portfolio, so it seems like whatever you choose for this cover will look visually appealing. What I'd consider most at this stage is concept. The front cover reads, "dreaming about money" or "lusting after money" to me more than "being smart about money," which i imagine is more of the point of the book. The back cover is super creative, but doesn't convey "budgeting" to me. Sometimes I find that an outsider's first impressions can be helpful, so it's in that spirit that these things are written here. Best wishes for your project! Congrats on book #2 this year!

  • SVS OG

    i agree with @KathrynAdebayo

  • Thank you @KathrynAdebayo . Thanks for your feedback. I was thinking maybe replacing the dollar signs with numbers, but that might give the feel of a math oriented story? Wish it isn't

    The back cover is centered more in the characters which are the main focus, and this character's camera plays a big part in the book


  • @Jose-A-Nieto I looked at your site and I love your art! 🙂 Concerning back cover, I am not sure about it. I mean, I knew it was a camera, but to me something seems to be wrong with the photograph. Its either too long (I am thinking of square polaroid photos, unless its some special camera...) or maybe the bottom half is too stiff? I hope you know what I mean...

  • Thank you @aska Yes it is a Polaroid camera and yes, the picture is unrealistically long for the sake of text fitting, but now that you mention it I could put several polaroids floating around instead of a single long one!

  • Hey guys, this is where we are at so far.


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