Vehicle design - boat sketch

  • sorry for the double posting - I put this up in the sketchbook area by mistake a little while ago and couldn't figure out how to delete that post ---- so I'm just reposting here in the class work area..... This boat is a combination of a Longboat and a Junk. At the time I was without photoshop so it's in my sketchbook. I could have done a better job on the perspective.... and the waves !!! IMG_7951.JPG

  • Love the cuteness of the dragon and the overall look of the piece. I think it might improve the look and the dynamic movement of the composition if there was some air in the sails, if they had some arch to them. I'm also not sure of the mechanics on the rigging , especially on the front sail. While I know it's not a documentary or how-to on sailing, the back sail is rigged differently and the rigging should be to the back/stern side of the mast. The wind moves the boat from behind up to perpendicular to the boat. If the wind came from the starboard (right) side of this ship, it would plaster the sail against the mast. After the cute dragon, it was the first thing I saw. Here's more than you ever wanted to know about building your own Viking ship. Cheers!

  • @Kim-Hunter Absolutely with the rigging.... I did photo research on the two ships and the sails of the junk seemed to always be flat like that - but for the sake of expression I'll put some wind to them... I have photoshop back on my computer so I'll actually be able to fix some of the other issues as well.... Thanks so much for the feedback....

  • Hey Jane, this is looking awesome! I think your idea was solid. Kim is right about the orientation of the sails. The perspective is a bit off I think. The dragon head and deck have an orthographic view from slightly above, and the crows nests look like you're looking up at them from very far down, but the height of the masts don't support that drastic perspective shift. I think a good way to get more accurate perspective will be for you to try drawing a bounding box around your object in the early sketching phase. Draw the box with the right perspective you want and then "fill" the box with your object. Doing this might help you be more accurate and dynamic with your perspective.

    Great work!

  • The sails on the junk look more like a Bermudan rigged sail - that is a sail that has the front edge on the mast and looks like a triangle. The other sail is square rigging where the sail is attached to the mast in the center of the square. Many tall ships are rigged this way.

  • Sorry for being such a sailing nerd. I used to race a boat with my dad. He's gone now but I have good memories. This link has lots of pictures.

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