What is a vignette illustration?

  • Need a bit of help....I'm confused as to what a vignette illustration is...is it just a free standing illustration? is there a frame around it? Thx ahead of time for your responding

  • @arent-draper There are 3 main formats. Vignettes, spots and full-bleed illustrations.

    1. Vignette illustrations have a background that does not go till the edge of the page or cover the full page. They may be in some sort of shape or just have blurred edged. Here are some examples.

    Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 10.10.19 pm.png

    1. Spot illustrations usually don't have any background. It is just the main subject (could be anything like a character, object, tree, building etc.)

    2. Illustrations that span the whole page and go till the edge are called full bleeds.

    Hope this helps!

  • SVS Instructor Pro

    The examples @Neha-Rawat posted are good. I would consider upper left and lower right prefect examples of vignettes.

    I'm going to address this more from a business/ pricing angle.

    You want to be careful of "feature creep" in art direction. Vignettes are often priced low because they are "less work than a full page illustration" but art direction can describe a super complicated scene -- albeit with fuzzy edges -- and a client will try to claim "it's a vignette". In my opinion the upper right and lower left images are full page illustrations due to the amount of information included in them. Of course the client can size them as vignettes but I would price them as full page.

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