Freelance job sites, best ones to use?

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    I was wondering if any of you use online freelance sites to get work and if you do what are the best ones to use? Please and thank you

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    @MyArt-Multiverse When I started out I tried out a few for a time. While it's not a great long-term strategy (because constant hustle to find new contracts and having to weed through a ton of crap offers to find a decent one) I think to start out it can earn some work experience and make some extra cash when money is tight. I have found jobs on Upwork, the DeviantArt forums and the Behance job postings. Out of the 3 I recommend Upwork the most because the system protects both the clients and the freelancers. It's come a long way in the last few years of becoming more respectful of freelancers' worth. I recently hired a freelancer from there myself for a small job and not a single freelancer made me any offers under $50, I was pleasantly surprised!

    The one site I would say to completely avoid is Fiverr. The very concept of Fiverr is "why pay a pro to do it when I can hire my neighbor Bob for 5 bucks?" While it has evolved a little bit, it still remains a destination mainly for cheap people looking for a cheap worker, so it's by in large a waste of time and quite insulting.

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    I don't know which is the best one but from my experience you should STAY AWAY from Fiverr!!!! STAY AWAY!!!

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