Dragonfly WIP

  • @Kyle-Tobey Love this concept and your textures really make the image. Can't wait to see the final!

  • @JoshuaDages this is so cute, and i love the colors on the dragonflies!

  • @Kyle-Tobey This is really cool! I still think the boy isn't standing out enough though. Maybe if you added more detail to him and move him forward a little, and maybe take out the frame directly behind his face so the green wall contrast with his pale skin? Or you could even consider changing his skin colour.

  • @Kyle-Tobey Nice concept. I would find a way to tone down the background and give more detail to the boy. Perhaps not so full color for the background. Look at how Daumier would just hint at the background and add more contrast to the foreground characters.

  • You’re right! It was getting muddy around the neck too. I tried adding more shadows. Well see how the contest page takes it! Thank you for your feedback!

  • Does anyone know why it shows up blurry? Or is that a me problem? D24436FD-8108-4678-A54B-96EE5E16864B.jpeg

  • The contrast look sharper on the foreground character.

  • I like the concept of your painting, but I think there are some things that I would take a look at to improve it:

    Each dragonfly in the frame looks almost the same to me aside from some size variation . I think having having a bit more variety would make them more interesting.

    Your lighting in the painting is quite confusing as i'm not sure where the light source is coming from. This is also a point due to having yellow outlines for the frames which make them feel like highlights, but there are highlights on every side. If you focus the light on the boy and the trophy then it would help tell the story better and help tone down some of the business in the scene.

    You have draw quite a strong outline on the boy, however i'm not seeing that in any other area of the painting, which I think conflicts with the style of the painting. The same could be said about the texture on the wallpaper which is quite sharp and therefore may make the rest of the image feel somewhat blurry.

    I did a quick painting to illustrate some points I mentioned. I hope it might help you in some way

  • @Gary-Wilkinson this is all very, very helpful. Some things were learning and trying to get back in the swing, so all these tips will absolutely help going forward.

    Also- looked at your work and I love it!

  • @Gary-Wilkinson Thanks for sharing this mockup. As a beginner in these areas, you've help me a lot with the way you illustrated your points.

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