Gesture Drawing Class Work (anyone want to post their work with me?)

  • Hey guys. I'm doing the gesture class right now and posting my work here. If anyone wants to post their work here too, you are very much welcome to! It's been nice seeing what a few of you have done for the class already, and I would love to see what others are doing as well.

    I am also always open to critique, if anyone has anything they want to point out.

    Here's what I came up with for the exercise in the intro section:

    Gestures Exercise 1.jpg

  • your characters are so active and dynamical!

    I haven't take that class yet, but it certainly looks really fun ... Was the assignment drawing a set of connected gestures for a characters? or the gestures don't have to be sort of connected?

  • Thanks @idid! This exercise was about looking at a pose- identifying a verb and adverb, and then letting those words help interpret and guide the gesture. I'm not actually sure if we were supposed to do more than one gesture for the pose provided, but I personally felt the need to explore a few different ways the gesture could be tweaked to convey the keywords.

  • Next exercise was to keep "Naming the Pose" and build the gestures on a line of action. This one was really tough for me. The last pose was especially hard to both give it a name as well as get a satisfactory gesture. I scribbled out 4 gestures before being semi-satisfied with the results. I have a bad habit of going over my lines again and again and again.

    Gestures Exercise Line of Action 1.jpg

    Gestures Exercise Line of Action 2.jpg

  • SVS OG

    @TessaW i love your poses

  • SVS OG

    Oh my! Leaning drunkenly!! ðŸ˜ą ðŸĪĢ I like "sulking dramatically" too! I really like your names, and I think as a result your poses have more personality than mine!

    I would be happy to join you, though! I started the class earlier this week, but I confess I fell off the wagon yesterday while doing the first official assignment. I stopped naming the poses and just started doing gesture drawings with lines of action. But seeing what you have done with yours, bring me that wagon and I'll climb back on!

    Here are some of my drawings from the first lesson, with lines of action, the flour sack method, and then some of the gestures I drew yesterday from the footage of children (whom I suspect may be Jake's?) playing:

    Frolicking happily.jpg Scouting eagerly.jpg Straining mightily.jpg Bowing gallantly.jpg Playing ball.jpg

  • @Nyrryl-Cadiz Thanks!

    @LauraA Oh yay! I was hoping you'd post your work. You already have such a way with gestures it's nice to have yours as a frame of reference! Yeah, the concept and execution for Leaning Drunkenly is so gross! That's why I had to do a redo with High-Fiving Eagerly. 😎 Naming the pose is so hard. I see we both chose "eagerly" for the same pose!

    Your lines are so graceful and really convey all the little subtleties of the anatomy. That's always how I'm hoping mine will look when I go into gestures. 😅 I think I need another round of study on anatomy and more commitment to my lines.

  • SVS OG

    @TessaW Thanks! My problem is that I like my sketches better than my finished drawings. The latest podcast with the question (I think Rachel's) about thumbnails was good in this regard. Anyway, I think we can learn from one another. You have great characterization and color.

    So high giving eagerly was a sort of compensation? 😂 I'm going to work on those pose names. Watch out!

  • @LauraA Yeah, it was definitely compensation! I'll be "waiting eagerly" for your pose names. Bring em on! 😎

    OK, a couple more exercises. Capturing a gesture with one line was interesting. ðŸĪ”

    Gestures One Line.jpg

    Gestures Flour Sack.jpg

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    @TessaW Hula hula! ðŸĪĢ

  • @TessaW I very much like the Walking Weakly first pose. It made me LOL. The guy looks weak physically and mentally too.

  • Ahh I love all the gestures, it looks so fun! Hula! 😃

  • @LauraA At that point I was kinda over coming up with adverbs. ðŸ˜ĩ I noticed the correlation of our handwriting to how our drawings look. Your handwriting is very graceful and flowy and so are your gestures!

    @Tom-Shannon Thanks! That one is personally very relatable to me. 😆

    @ina Thank you! It's fun and it's hard! ðŸĪŠ

    I did half of the first assignment and needed a break. I was feeling kind of "meh" about it. I was bad about naming things this time. I also stepped in poo a couple of days ago so it was fresh on my mind.

    Gestures Assignment 1.jpg

  • SVS OG

    @TessaW I love your drawings and how you've sort of taken the naming process to a whole new level. My new favorite is "making a ponytail and thinking of revenge." "Throbbing headache caused by birds"? Running scared?! And "stepping in poo" and" pushing car" are done really well. And yes, I liked Walking Weakly as well. I think you have a book in you! Which poses were you using? I liked the kids so I never even got to the rest.

    It's true that my handwriting is like my drawing, but it's also frequently illegible and out of control. These were more tame examples. I had an ESL teacher-trainer tell me last fall when she saw my writing, "Oh! Now I get why you block print!" She had been telling us for days not to block print under any circumstances.

    I found out this weekend that bean and noodle is not my method. I'll post some more drawings soon. But I warn you, they all turned into line of action drawings in the end. I look forward to your next batch of drawings and names!

  • Oh man I really hope my drawing won't be like my handwriting haha. @LauraA, I can completely relate - the number of times I stared at my post-its, spent 15 minutes deciphering them, then finally giving up with the excuse that if I can't remember, it's probably not that important. 😉

  • @LauraA I used the kid video too. The top half of the page was the girl playing on the trampoline, the bottom half was the boy jumping into the pool. I added in the animals after the fact, so they weren't actually a factor in determining the gesture, but I thought it would be fun to put in some extra stuff. This next batch is from them playing in the driveway, which looks like the part you took your gestures from!

    It's funny, cause I'm kind of excited to get into the bean and noodle section, but the line of action method is not my favorite. We'll see how it goes!

    @ina haha, can relate! My current handwriting is a result of me practicing when I was in my 20s, to make it more legible. It was much worse before that!

    Ok, last set for assignment 1:

    Gestures Assignment 1.2.jpg

    Gestures Assignment 1.3.jpg

  • SVS OG

    @TessaW What?! You dropped my cupcakes?! (Ok, so maybe it's another Laura.) These just get funnier and funnier!

    And yes, now I recognize how your poses relate to the video 😉 .

  • @LauraA You were the Laura I had in mind. 😁

    Did the batch of exercises for part 2, but having gotten to the official assignment yet. Bean and Noodle. Simple Shapes. Silhouette. Negative Space. Felt like a struggle, especially when I got to the silhouette part. Compared to a different gesture class I've taken in the past, this one really moves through all of the concepts very fast!

    Gesture Bean and Noodle.jpg

    Gestures Shapes.jpg

    Gestures Sihlouette.jpg

    Gestures Negative Space.jpg

  • SVS OG

    Great job naming your poses, as usual! I think the silhouette ones are particularly nice! And I like how we were doing the same poses and came up with different ideas.

    And thank you for the cupcakes, even if you dropped them! I really should have been quicker with my cupcake net, though. 😆

    Here are mine interpretations of some of the same exercises, but I went out of town yesterday so I'm a little behind. You know one thing this course is making realize I need to do? Study folds!

    Pointing fearfully.jpg Shooting wildly.jpg Graduate.jpg Displaying ostentatiously.jpg Balancing precariously.jpg

  • @LauraA Oh my gosh, these are amazing! I love the distinct characters you created.

    I'm currently trying to do assignment 2 , people as shapes. I'm a little confused. In her shape drawing demonstration she advised making a bounding box shape for the whole character to fit in, but in her examples for the actual assignment, it looks like the character design itself is based on the shape, instead of the bounding box idea. I'm a little confused as to how to approach the gestures/ characters. Design the gesture to a shape? or design the character's features/costumes with a shape in mind?

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