Seeking last minute thoughts on my Oz piece and maybe a hug

  • @Coley I'm just here for the hug. I'm new to the SVS world, but I love your artwork and am giving you a hug with my mind. 🤗

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    @Coley This feels odd to say, but I'm so sorry about the job! Your Oz piece is absolutely wonderful and proves one thing: you are a true artist, and will always remain one even if you have less time to put in the craft. And I know your time will come when you can invest more time into it again, sometime in the future! Do what you gotta do fro you and your family - as long as art is in you, it will never truly go away.

  • @Coley - just wanted to say congrats on the job and sorry. We got some bad news recently too. it has me reeling. the time to make art is so limited everything feels like a threat. Hugs to you. I'm sorry about the grant too. Sometimes we have to take time to live life to the fullest (even if that means focusing on a struggle) and wait for the time we can put all that into our art.

  • @Coley Love this! Dorothy looks great! I think either arm position works and she has the right amount of detail for her size relative to the cover. This font and spacing looks better to me too. The first version seemed to have too much leading.

    Sorry to hear about your job situation. That sounds like a frustrating setback 🙁 Be kind to yourself and just do what you are able to without getting burned out!

  • @Coley Beautiful cover illustration! Sending you a virtual hug 😞 Times are tough right now!

  • @Coley that font looks much better! It goes with the illustration much more and looks like less of an afterthought. The concept is really clever too.

    A lot of artists have a non art related day job. Some find it zaps their creativity if the day job is creative and its better to do something completely different. Think of it like a writer, your experiences outside of art contribute to your idea generation 😀

  • Thanks for the inspiring and heartfelt posts peeps 😊

    I’m feeling better this evening .... I was thinking about the job ( I feel like a bit of an idiot for complaining in some ways because so many people are unemployed!)....

    But I can eventually work a little less than full time at this, once training is done, and I loved the book cover project a LOT, and I was about to send out postcards but now thinking about it, I might steer towards book cover work for a bit as it’s a shorter term this thread and this month project may lead to something, or at least an attempt lol, thanks everyone

    I think I’m done but won’t post till I stare at it more lol. I added a wee bit of harness and also some more light to the eyeball to focus attention there as well as hopefully on Dorothy.

    Thanks again, sooo appreciative of the comments, they were really helpful on many levels.


  • @Coley The cyclone on the end of the hat did not go unnoticed. Good work. Toto could use a bit more squared-off muzzle. Nice design.

  • I think this image is just fantastic. I meant to give feedback earlier to your thumbnails as I thought they were awesome but we were away on a caravan trip and I didn’t have WiFi! As a novice at all this digital art I wasn’t going to add a cutting edge insightful critique so much as just to say I loved the image as it was really striking and original. The fact you subconsciously made the hat like a tornado was also extremely cool!

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that I totally related to the other stuff in your post about work/life/art balance. My husband is in the military so we move around a lot and I end up doing solo parenting a lot and my jobs fluctuate so time for art always gets squeezed. But I liked what you said about making the most of time with the little ones before they leave home. I’ve had to let lots of opportunities pass by for the sake of the kids but I do hope that in time we’ll be able to grasp opportunities again, it might just take a bit longer. As @gavpartridge said, you did the right thing for your family at the moment and that’s a good thing. I’ve admired your art since I joined SVS a few months ago, it’s beautiful, so I’m sure you’ll get the work your aiming for sooner or later as you’re super talented! Best wishes and hang in there! I feel your frustrations!

  • @Lorna-H sweet! Thank you! I somehow missed this message and I just wanted to let you know it made my evening 😁. I really appreciate it, thank you 🙏

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