new here-started the composition course-is there any review of my work/student's works?

  • how does this work?
    didn't find anything about this whole thing with assignments for the course.
    perhaps its just the beginning so there are none yet.

  • For subscription courses, you don't get any feedback from the instructors. Feedback is only given on assignments when you take live classes. You can however post your assignments here, and get feedback from forum members. Sometimes the instructor of the course will even chime in, but it's not typical for most courses.

  • SVS OG

    What @TessaW said. The forum is a great place to post things. You’ll get some great feedback from the other students... some people even do draw overs. And it does happen every now and then that one of the teachers will give some tips.

  • thanks.
    are there assignments at all in svslearning?
    sorry, i'm just new, but when i follow the videos, i just draw through the examples, and try and think of exercises to develop a skill...which is good. but, just wish there was assignments for each of subject end video. make it easier. not that easy is good. but saves time maybe?

  • Are you taking the Composition 2.0 class? If so, in the very bottom section titled "Supplemental Videos", the very last item on the list called "Supplemental Materials" provides a pdf workbook for the course that has around 20 or so assignments and a pdf checklist to help with design and composition decisions.

  • assignments.png

  • @TessaW
    yes ive seen it, and i intend to walkthrough it.
    its not per video , but at least it has the subject name on each page.
    i mean he covers so much in each topic. and i think thats ashame pdf doesnt cover each and every aspect/topic, mostly space division?

    just saying the ideal is per video. to me at least. thanks for helping out!

    perhaps a community assignments to be added to this course?
    i mean i can think of exercises

  • Interesting! I was impressed with the workbook, the variety of exercises, and how it tied into the material he presented. The comp class was a big game changer for me, so I admit, I have a soft spot for it.

    I'd recommend contacting them with suggestions for the course, or you could always leave a review.

    Good luck in your studies! We'll be around if you need any feedback on assignments- svs related or not.

  • @TessaW
    just being thorough 🙂

  • @arielg I am not sure if anyone mentioned it already but last month Jake and Will did a critique video for homework/assignments from the curriculum and it was well received. I believe they might continue it in the upcoming months.

    As for community assignments -the monthly contests are the only thing I can think of involving everyone (who wants to partake) but you won't get feedback unless you are in the top 16 and yes as the others have said post your work in the form and seek out help.


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