comments please watercolor for lullaby compilation

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    I've been working on this illustration. Anythng that I can do to still improve it? Thanks!breeze.jpg

  • @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen This is such an interesting piece. I really like the color palette.

    I think you could try cropping the face a little from the left. I like the shading on the cheek but the temple/forehead area is looking a little flat and wide and so is the double chin.
    Also, I don't know why but my attention keeps going to the nostril 😅

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    @Neha-Rawat thanks! I see what you mean. I'm thinking the nostril stands out because it has the darker blue of the music strips. Maybe I should lighten

  • Hi Marsha, I thing it is great, maybe you could try to cut of a bit from the bottom of the image, that way it might be more balanced composition wise, and touch up a bit the contrast or colors digitally, but only if it helps.
    Great job, cant wait to see your update!

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    @cszoltan Good eye. I'll see if I can crop it and still make it work for the size I need. Still working on the digital stuff. I'll need to play around. Or do another layer of watercolor in back. Thanks!

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    Okay, I made some changes. Still not sure if I even want to use this image but, I decided to finish and let it sit a bit. The lullaby it goes with is called Breeze. I might try and do another composition that might fit better or, I might just use this one. It's mostly a personal project with 8 lullabys I made up when tryign t get my kids to sleep 🙂 My kids are now between the ages of 26 and 33, so they have outgrown them but I wanted to make it for my grandson (and any possible other gtandkids that might come along) and for my nieces and nephews families (I have 33 of them 🙂 ) I've been slowly working on this for years. I had help from friends to actually put the songs notation on paper so I could make this. I kind of want to finish it up here this year 🙂

    breeze 2 cropped.jpg

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