Feedback wanted - Dynamic poses, coloring and general advice.....

  • Busy taking part in the #julyfly challenge trying to do more dynamic poses... Would love any feedback good and bad. As I know there is still a lot I need to improve on...

    deadpool.jpg black widow.jpg

  • I like the idea of chibi super heroes and a good start on the dynamic posing. I would definetly look at some anatomy and how other artist simplyfy the shapes for this kind of style.

    I feel like the number 1 problem is lack of 3dimensionality. Limbs feel broken and flat making the poses a look stiff. Try putting limbs in perspective and foreshortening.

    Take imspiration and study people like Derek Laufman, his art down below.


  • One thing that I think is throwing it off a bit is how the limbs are positioned and where the muscles would land. Like on Deadpools left arm for example looks like it's bent awkwardly. also watch where shapes should or shouldn't overlap. Don't know if I'm explaining myself very well so I hope that makes sense. I like the designs though.

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