Bongo and Clyde Prompt- feedback/critiques very welcomed

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    Hi all!
    Here is my submission for June SVS prompt and would love any general or specific feedback. If there's one things you had to change, what would it be?

    The first image is retouched with photoshop, second is the original.
    "Bongo kept lowering his tail more and more as Clyde raised his head out of the water."

    Things I was thinking:

    -Struggled with the background/foreground separation (depth?). Do you guys start with the background and then insert the characters?
    -How are the expressions? Want Bongo to look like he's having fun, Clyde to look annoyed
    -Bongo pose- stiff or loosey goosey? Is it clear?
    -How far away is this from a 'portfolio piece'?

    Probably should have asked for feedback earlier in the process, but struggle finishing things so just went for it u know. Hope this isn't considered bad form

    Really appreciate the time to look at my work

    @projectmr.kite on insta
    p.s- how do you guys do that thing where you link to your social media at the bottom? Is there a way to do this automatically?

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