Any critiques?

  • Hey guys!! So I just finished a concept art piece and was wondering if you guys could offer any critique or advice to improve it ! Thanks!!

  • Hi @jmoglesby, can you post the image here? If it’s on instagram, presume you are already satisfied with it?

  • Hi, for me the first thing i saw was that i couldn't tell if it was night or day. The sky says sunset, and all the lights are on in town, but the houses and fields are still really bright, making it feel like day.

    All the values look very much the same, there's an absence of contrast, no real occlusion shadows. The plant pot in the bottom left is the only real clue as to where the lighting comes from, and to me if their shadows are anything to go by, pretty much all the houses up the right would be in shadow.

    The drawing itself needs more work. The structures don't have any real form, the roofs are all paper thin, they are just planes attached to other planes. Roofs (rooves??) have structure, they attach to houses a certain way, they are made presumably from tiles, which have a thickness. All these little things contribute to the believabilty of an image.

    I hope you dont mind, but ive done a little drawover to illustrate my points.

    Town lighting.jpg

  • @Jeremy-Ross I tried to buy it seemed like you could only attach files with links by using this “![alt text](image url)“

  • @gavpartridge That looks awesome!! Thank you!! I will study and apply all of that the next go round! My biggest issue was a general sense of the piece lacking depth (not spatial depth), and that helps a lot. The roofs as more than just planes is normally something I think about but I guess it just slipped this time... Thanks for everything!!

  • Hi @jmoglesby, no worries. In addition to the points by @gavpartridge, I would also consider changing your line thickness of foreground and background to add depth. For example, the outlined mountains have same thickness as buildings. You might also move your characters to the left to avoid placing them smack in the middle. It’s a nice composition.

  • @Jeremy-Ross Thanks! I may do a version two of this one and if I do I’ll share it with y’all.

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