Eye strain?

  • Does anyone else deal with eye strain? What do you do about it? I try to take regular eyeball breaks, but, man, looking at screens all day wrecks my vision and gives me headaches.

  • Hi @baileymvidler, definitely a problem in today’s age given screens are everywhere.

    Here’s a good resource.

  • SVS OG

    OMG, yes. Plus drawing hand strain. Neck strain. Back strain. I totally empathize. For eye strain in particular, here are a few things that have helped me:

    • regular breaks doing something other than looking at your screen.

    • dimming the brightness of your screen if you're just drawing and not figuring out value and color

    • lying down and closing your eyes

    • making sure my contact lens or glasses prescription is up to date

    • going outside and looking at things that are far away (clouds, sky, tree tops are my favorites)

    • resting a beanie bag eye mask scented with lavender on your eyes

    I hope you feel better soon.

  • @baileymvidler I got a curved monitor. That made a huge difference. Also doing colour balance settings for night time and daytime. Plus I throw in the odd walk outside.

  • @baileymvidler I have had to leave digital illustration after trying to learn it for 2 years because I kept getting ongoing migraines and even now going back to traditional I still easily get tension headaches so one solution I found that helps is taking Magnesium -drink mixture tastes like blueberries -helps reduce the pain/fuzziness. I have another neck/head issue but that can't be solved with the magnesium unfortunately.

    Other than that, rest a lot, heat on my head/eyes, good sleep, blue blocker screen (sort of helps), and redirect your eyes to a none screen. But I get eye strain on every screen and in good light and poor -so I just have to pace myself -can be a pain.


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