Hello to the Forum!

  • Hi! I'm Jules! I'm not new to SVS, I'm actually on my third year. I just started watching all of these new zoom meetings since Covid and they have convinced me to use the forums. People I have met have been super awesome, and I'm really glad I get to be a part of this! I am a high school student, and if I'm being honest, am terrified to get critiques or show my work to really incredible people! But I am really grateful for this opportunity to get help and encouragement, and can't wait to get started. I love art and animation, and I hope to go into it someday! I love character design, though I am not particularly good at it and it remains very challenging. Here's some of my stuff to finish out my intro! It's all kinda old, but it's all I have for now:
    svs forum.JPG
    svs forum 2.PNG
    2020 (First digitally done character, and 10th digital thing ever)
    svs forum 3.JPG
    svs forum 4.jpg
    Inktober 2019
    svs forum 5.jpg
    2017 watercolor
    svs forum 6.jpg
    2018 dry pastel
    svs forum 7.jpg
    2019 Colored Pencil
    svs forum 8.jpg
    2018 alchol marker
    svs forum 10.jpg
    2019 first photoshop project
    svs forum 11.jpg
    2019 drafting pencil

    That's it for now!! Some of these are old, and some of these are new, but they are some highlights from the past couple of years. I hope to have more soon, I'm working on a gallery wall in my room right now, and it's taking a lot of my svs knowledge to do it!!
    Thanks everyone!

  • Welcome to the forums 😁 You have some lovely work and it looks like you have a good grasp on lots of different mediums! I really like the digital character you drew

  • SVS OG

    @Jules welcome to the forum

  • Hello 🙂 🙂 You have some gorgeous work, you really capture something in the eyes - lovely.

  • Welcome Friend 😊

  • Welcome! Your artwork is very nice! I have to say, the people on this forum are very, very nice and fair, but are also are very good at critiqing. I have seen them point out things that I would have never seen. I'm 61 yrs old and I have several times in my life where I became intimidated because others were better at something than I was, some art related and my brother at strategy games - I was older, so we just didn't play them ☺. When I think of how much I could have learned from these people it makes me a little angry at myself. So just dive right in there, ask lots of questions and give it your best shot! Good Luck!!

  • Nice work. Welcome to the forum.

  • @Jules Hello and welcome to the forums! You have more of a start than I did at your age. I really dig your creature in pencil crayon (the style and colouring) and your mechanical robotic critters the most. 🙂

  • Hi! I realise I missed your arrival on the forum. Belated welcome !