Are there any non-digital artists here?

  • Hey everyone,

    I'm just curious if there are any other non-digital artists here...Looking through the forums, it looks like I might be the only one! lol I work in pastels and graphite...Any others who work in traditional mediums?

  • @amberwingart I used to work in all of them... but I got tired of cleaning up. Actually I just always wanted to learn digital. But I think a lot of people here do both... (EDIT last thing I did traditionally, pen & ink, last June...)

    haleth werewolf close up.jpg

  • I've seen quite a few people on here do traditional work. I mostly do traditional stuff myself, the only digital stuff I really do is the 3rd Thursday stuff, although I rarely do finished work ( one of the reasons I started doing 3rd Thursdays was to force myself to make finished pieces).

    I mostly just do practice sketches in my sketchbook but sometimes I paint, here's a watercolor I did earlier this year for a local Fair contestStealing First_sm.jpg

    Edit: Here are a few more that I did this year, these are more what I usually doSketch_01.jpg Sketch_02.jpg

  • I do traditional stuff too but keep it digital on here because I recently moved and my big art desk is in storage. No room really to spread out all those supplies.
    bear_new.jpg fox_sm.jpg

  • 75% of my work is traditionally crafted. I'm currently working to improve my digital skills. There can be a happy union of traditional/digital to be had as well.

  • I am new to digital and am finding it a challenge to make it not look digital if that makes sense. But I haven't drawn or painted traditional for many years so I am trying to play catch up. I stopped painting because having it strung all out with a lil one was bad. Now I just don't want the mess. 🙂

  • It's good to know there are others here! Working traditionally does take longer and make it harder to make changes, but I don't want to start working digitally or I'm afraid I'll get frustrated when I work traditionally... I'm wondering if most illustration clients require digital work, though...

  • @gimmehummus I love these!!

  • @Damien-Rambacher These are beautiful...Your style reminds me of the illustrator for Whinnie the Pooh! (The writer was Milne, right? I don't know the illustrator's name, though).

  • Yes I am trained in traditional media. I still use graphite and Prisma Color pencils. I dabble in collage and then will finish it up in Photoshop.

  • My favorite medium is also pastels! Recently I am doing more digital stuff simply because I'm away from home a lot and I don't have access to my pastels. I also want to be able to work digitaly to be more versatile. But the first (and only for now!) children book I illustrated was done entirely in soft pastels!

  • SVS OG

    I'm purely traditional so far. On here I have used ink and watercolor mainly but I do some acrylic painitng and drawing otherwise.

  • @amberwingart Hi! Amber, I haven't gone over to the dark side yet. 😉 Still working in acrylics, watercolor, color pencil, graphite, etc.

  • It's good to know I'm not the only one here! Do all of you have sketchbooks here?

  • @NoWayMe Ooh, a fellow pastel artist! That's so good to hear that you've done a book in pastels - that's the one concern I've had in sticking with a traditional medium. Do you have a sketchbook here at SVS?

  • If you go to you can see stuff I do with oil pastels... and chickens.

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