June Prompt WIP - all critiques welcomed!

  • So I've gone through a number of thumbnails, and these are my favorites. I'm feeling a little empathetic with Clyde at the moment, being teased, thinking he caught breakfast and subjected to tickle torture. These are some sketches I've done creating him too.

    thumbnail2.jpg Bongo thumbnails.jpg


  • @charitymunoz I am team Clyde too. I like the last one best.

  • The mouth open poses definitely have more of a dynamic feel, but the one with the bongo plotting his mischief would also work, just depends what mood you prefer.

  • I'm kind of in a brain fog right now, so I'm not confident in giving critique on which would be best for the contest, but I just wanna say that the one with his mouth closed is especially adorable! It's so cute how he's sitting there sweetly with that look on his face.

  • Nice work! I personally like the last one or second to last. Both have great expressions

  • Thanks for the help everyone! I'm getting the basic sketch pulled together nicely now. Although I have one question that I can't decide on. Should I make the monkey scaling the orange tree in the back? Or peeking out of the alligator's mouth? I'm leaning toward scaling the tree since it's a little creepy to have a live monkey in his throat while he's laughing. But on the other hand, would he still be laughing once the monkey was out and stopped tickling? Any thoughts, please?!alligator basic sketch.jpg

  • @charitymunoz I think you're right in that by the time he's laughing the monkey would be moving or be out of his mouth already, not static, peering out. I think the tree position would be better in that sense but in this image the monkey in the tree looks like he's behind the crocodile and I'm wondering then if the crocodile would still be laughing at this point?
    Hope this is helpful. 🙂

  • Yay! Final sketch! On to ink (my favorite) and color!

  • Painting, draft 1. Does anyone else feel like this is almost a "coloring" phase? Grown-up coloring?

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