Basic Perspective #5 and eventually Final just not today.

  • So after a month away I am continuing Basic Perspective class to realise I have almost completed it lols 🙂 .
    I do have a question @davidhohn when drawing the ellipse should the edge of the ellipse meet the long axis point on my square like it is meant to hit the tangents, to ensure the longest length of the ellipse is the long axis? I was confused because in one of your videos the longest length was near by the long axis but still noticeably off (I thought so at least). I also have more of an issue with drawing over/through my square side more than drawing a football or what I like to call a lemon. Thanks and instead of making a new thread for the final assignment, I will attach it here.




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    @Heather-Boyd Hard to write an answer to your question so I made up a diagram. Let me know if anything is still unclear.ellipse.jpg

  • @davidhohn I think I will print this out and see where I go wrong. And I'll go from there, thank you. Oh and do any of my ellipse look okay?

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    @Heather-Boyd Oh yeah! Your ellipses look great! That's the thing about perspective -- you only notice it when it doesn't quite look right.

  • Okay so I finished and I didn't shade it in (on paper) or add details (I am going to wait to finish the later -prop class etc. for those elements). I did struggle quite a bit -this is my 5th attempt and got a lot closer. I did make the room 1 square longer and same with the toy box but everything else is to proper measurement. And I'm sure my circle/ellipse went funny when my squares in perspective became more rectangular -I am still puzzled by it-because my short axis turned into my long axis and vise versa. I put in all four walls too so it looks messy with lines but I wanted to understand as much as possible. Oh I also chose a different camera angle (it's all very very new to me).

    All in all it was a lot to tackle but please @davidhohn let me know where I went wrong and how I might fix it next time. Thank you very much, 🙂

    Complete with Elipse.jpg

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    @Heather-Boyd This is great! I can see all the work that went in and that's how it gets done! Love that you've turned the room around and put the viewer in the hall outside the room. 95% of everything in this drawing looks good to me!

    The only element that stands out as a bit odd is the clock. It just doesn't look like a foreshortened circle in perspective right now.

    If you expand out (slightly) to the foreshortened square plane that the circle/ellipse is drawn inside I can absolutely see how you got there but that square plane looks like a foreshortened rectangle rather than a foreshortened square. And that's the problem. An ellipse drawn inside a rectangle will look like a foreshortened oval.

    That said, you did everything "correct". I can see your work (as my elementary teacher loved to say) But it's easy to introduce a bit of human error and even technically correct perspective can look off in the end as those little errors compound. So you just need to keep making it look correct all along the way.

    So just change that rectangular plane around the clock to a square plane and you are good to go!

  • @davidhohn sweet thank you. I'll fix that and can move into the next class.

  • This post is deleted!

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