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  • So I started some thumbnails for a portfolio spot illustration. I heard from Jake Will and Lee that we're supposed to have about 2 spot illustrations in our portfolio. But I'm not actually sure what they're supposed to do. Why do them? Just to add contrast to a portfolio?

    After I finished, I realized I messed up on a couple of these compositions because, I think in spot illustrations you can't have anything going offscreen? it's all gotta be there right.

    Anyways, which one of these tells the story the best?
    alt text

    I remember from here on SVS that illustrating right before the action can have more impact. so I did that. And I wana reserve the dark tones for the evil sister, and lighter for the little baby.

    I hope this same situation/scene hasn't been done a lot. I keep thinking about how art directors probably see the same things over and over again, and I wanna think outside the box as much as I can to stand out. but my brain big dumb.

  • @Frost-Drive Children's books often have spots, vignettes, and full-bleed illustrations. So it's good to show that you're capable of creating all these in your portfolio.
    Yes, I think technically, a spot illustration shouldn't go offscreen. (Numbering your images Left-Right Top-Down 1-6), 1,3 and 6 would count as spots, and 4 would be a vignette because of the background. Unless you plan to have anything distinct in the bg, it can easily be removed to turn it into a spot illustration.
    For the story, I think 4 works best for me because it looks more mischievous than evil. 3 and 6 emphasize the evilness a little too much for my liking 😅

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    I like the 3rd/upper right. It tells the clearest story. =)x

  • I dont wanna risk going to evil and lose any jobs cuzza that, so okay!

    I'll go with four cuz it also seems to have the most tension to me. And I also just thought of a way to increase it even further. 😂
    alt text

  • @Frost-Drive These made me laugh - I think you've approached the "evil" older sister and baby in a new way... (At least I've never seen a water balloon used this way before.) I think 4 was a good choice - you've done a great job of capturing the moment just before the action. My one concern is the addition of the sharp pointy scissors - I think they look a little dangerous for a children's portfolio (her expression also seems very evil, if you were concerned about that). I really liked when the older sister was peering out from behind her fingers - it was funny and definitely mischievous (but not overly evil). It's really good - I can't wait to see how you finish it!

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