Basic Perspective Final Assignment

  • I really had fun with the final assignment for the Basic Perspectives class. I had to ditch the perspective guides in Procreate and make my own which helped immensely. It really helped me to work super big, lay out my basic box for the room, and then pick a spot to crop the image to. One benefit of cropping after I'd sketched out the box for the room was that I could crop out areas of the image that were becoming visually distorted at the edges.



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    @CharlieLP Nicely done!

  • That's a really good idea to draw the whole room before the crop. I may try that next time. This looks great!

  • @davidhohn I keep struggling with the distortion at the edges. For this image I built a cube for the square unit where the two walls and floor joined, then built my measurement grid based off that cube, by the time I’m 3 units away from my first cube (the square between the bed and the door for example) things begin to look really distorted. When you’re laying out a room like this what do you typically start with? I’m trying the assignment again from another horizon line and playing with my vanishing points to see what helps.

  • Here’s another attempt at the room to see if I can rein in my distortion problem.

    This time I began by drawing a cube that was more in the middle of the room (the closest corner of the bed), then I worked off of that. Most of it feels better, but the toy chest feels too tall/narrow to me.



    The image above feels a bit too “tall” to me, so I resized it by squeezing it vertically (below). Feels a bit better.


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