June Prompt WIP

  • Constructive criticism welcome.

    Full disclaimer we are on the road and I have limited supplies so I borrowed my kids crayons color pencils. 😂!


  • Very fun! Love the alligator and the rendering. You have the skills, so even kid's supplies will look great and get the job done! My main critique would be the monkey- his expression and pose are unclear and not quite cluing the viewer into what's happening. Even if we had supporting text, the pose is pretty neutral and doesn't quite play off of the alligator as much as it could.

    Thanks for sharing. It's a definitely a fun vantage point and idea.

  • Thank you Tessa. I was afraid the monkey’s action was ambiguous.

  • @erinrew I would agree with @TessaW but would add one point. The left arm of the monkey is distracting. I think it might be placed too low on the body.

    Also, you might try to push the values further. You have pretty good value definition (light on dark/dark on light) but I think you might be able to make it pop a little more.


  • I'm not sure if there is a way to make this clearer . . . but I read this as the gator is eating the monkey and the gator thinks it's funny that he's eating the monkey. I found it kind of upsetting.

    And then I realized you were showing the monkey escaping after tickling the gator. I'm not sure how to fix it, but something to look at!

  • Erin I love the way the alligator's body is constructed, that's some nice drawing. Having read the story I knew what was happening but if I were looking at the image on it's own I would not know what is going to happen next- the alligator clamps down on the monkey and eats it while laughing or the monkey that is laughing jumps out of the alligator's mouth and runs off. I think an easy solution would be showing some of the monkey in the air having escaped the the alligator's reach. excited to see what's next.

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