Little Red Riding Hood Feedback Appreciated

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    I really loved the little red riding hood samples @Lee-White shared last night, so I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and try something a bit darker. I really loved the black, white and red pieces and wanted to try that color palette. Any feedback appreciated! thx


  • @Charlie-Eve-Ryan There's a lot I really like about this piece. The colors are great; I like your inclusion of the orange-yellow flowers. They really create a feeling of tension for me, with Red walking blissfully into the meadow, oblivious to the danger behind her-- both from the wolf but also the scary feeling of those woods.

    I think what you did with the scattered ink connecting Red and the wolf looks really cool . It also links the characters, which adds to my feeling of imminent danger for Red.

    You said you wanted to push yourself to try something a bit darker, and I think you nailed it with the wolf and the trees. However, the font choice for the text feels too friendly for me. Similarly, having the wolf and Red create a circle right in the center of the image gives me a sense of calmness. I wonder what would happen if you pushed Red and the wolf further back, so that the wolf is partly in the woods.

    Overall, very cool piece.

    I've nothing else to add. I think this is great!

  • I like this image a lot Charlie. What if you had some arms, hands, claws showing for the wolf character? Love your color palette.

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    Thanks Mailie and Rob, I'll have to test out other fonts. This is an earlier version with his arm shown. Like he is coming in to inspect her. I also have one with his hands/arms over his head which is more dramatic but this is not an actual attack scene, he's mostly pondering how sweet she'll taste etc.. We'll see, I'll keep testing it out. Thanks a lot for the feedback, very helpful


  • I love this illustration. Thing I like...I love that red is soft and round and the flowers are as well. I love the add of the arm...great advice.

    Something to think about....since red is soft and round...what if you made the wolf's shoulder blades stick out to break up his roundness and make him a little more rigid.

    I do think the change between the characters is perfect tho.

    Great work!

  • I like the revision

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    Thx for the feedback Cheryl and Rob. Much appreciated! 😉

  • @Charlie-Eve-Ryan I absolutely love the addition of the creepy hand, for its own sake and also because it made me notice details of the mouth and teeth that I missed initially.

  • cute picture.

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