Alien Series

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    At the end of last year I made a resolution to focus on what I wanted to paint and work on my process/technique. I explored different styles over the past few years if you have been following my journey. This past months prompt fit right into what I was working on so I decided to join in on that. Here is my submission for this month's isolation:


    Here are more of my Alien Series. You guys get first peak at some of them since I have not shared them all on social media yet.

    This was done for xmas last year.


    The next few were based on some of my inktober pieces from last year.




    This is my MerMay Alien done for...well Mermay.


    This guy is just high LOL


    Let me know what you think. Open for any sort of crits or comments.

  • I think there are some really huge improvements seeing the new ones going back to the earlier ones. I think what is looking a lot better is the newer stuff has a lot more sharp lines versus the softer ones from the earlier works.

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