Vote - Color Comps for Canyon Illustrations

  • Hey guys! I made a few color comps and now I'm stumped. Do you have a preference? Any other critiques would be greatly appreciated as well!

    BV00061 - Boy Drawing Bird - Color Comps.jpg

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    @baileymvidler I like option 1. Maybe lighten the sky a little for the great silhouette and maybe add a little contrast down in the canyon a bit. I love the purple orange scheme. 👍

  • I kind of want to know where/when the scene is...I see you're in the southwest too, so you know that the cliff walls tell a very different story depending on where you are and the time of day!

    All that aside, I'm torn between the sunset colors of 1 and the peaceful palette of 3.

  • I also like 1 and 3 - 1 is more an evening feel and 3 more daytime. I like the contrast between the sky and cliff in 3.

  • I am also 1 and 3. Like the purples in 1. Maybe add more purple shadows for a combo.

  • Looks like general consensus is 1 or 3. I'm personally feeling more daytime than evening, so guess we're going 3!

    @Aaron_T Thanks for the reminder about the shadows on the canyon walls. Completely slipped my brain!

    @burvantill Yeah, the silhouette feels really good. I will make sure it's very clear.

    @bradyblack That's a good idea! I will add some purple deeper into the canyon.

    @Mairin-Kareli Thanks for your feedback! I think the contrast is why 3 is a winner.

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