May WIP (Ok, I'm doing this!)

  • In sending this I am committing to the contest this month! My kids are off for 5 days after today, which means I actually have time! Everyone I know has talked about all the free time on quarantine and for me free time has evaporated with the return of homeschooling on top of work.

    This is my first feeling when I think of ISOLATION. I want to encapsulate myself and be totally left alone. I'm not posting all of my thumbnails, just the best 2 (some were not even able to be interpreted). minithumbnail2.jpg

    I started working on quick sketches, but the upside down caterpillar didn't read as well as the one in the armchair. miniupsidedowncaterpillar.jpg minicaterpillarstudies.jpg

    Now I get to put the ideas together and have some fun!

  • @charitymunoz I really like the caterpillar in the armchair. That is a great idea! It is 'kid logic' kind of like the three amigos were talking about in the podcast this week.

  • @charitymunoz said in May WIP (Ok, I'm doing this!):

    for me free time has evaporated with the return of homeschooling on top of work.

    Amen sister! I thought I was the only one!

    I'm with @theprairiefox. The caterpillar in the armchair is excellent.

  • @theprairiefox Thank you! Apparently I tend to think in "kid logic". I just didn't realize it was an asset until now. 🙂

  • @j-sienkowski Thank you! You're not the only one! If you ever need someone to discuss the overload with, let me know! 🙂

  • First round is done! Feel free to pick it apart - I love critiques! I am heading into inking and color this week.miniisolationfirstdraft.jpg

  • I just listened to the portfolio webinar here on SVS, and with looking at this caterpillar chillin in his lil cacoon. I'm just thinking what I would do is make this a white backgrouund or silhouette illustration. Because the IDEA/STory is the chillin in cacoon. The rest of the image, the backgrouund flowers the butterflies, they're not vital.

    Anyways that was just what I thought right away if I was doing this. But it could end up looking really cool if the perspective on the flowers was just right, with atmostpheric perspective too! to where you can really get lost in the 3D space they inhabit.

  • Hi! I’m new at all this so not much use in the critique department. I really like you idea. The caterpillar is so cute sitting in his chair reading. Can’t wait to see it done up in color!

  • @charitymunoz I love the caterpillar. Very cute.

    One thing you might think about is your composition and focal point. Right now the caterpillar is dead center in the middle of the composition. That is usually not desired. Moving him to one of the hot spots (on the thirds) and adding some secondary focal points might go a long way.

    Looking good! Can’t wait to see the next revision.

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