Work in progress...maybe too dark...

  • alligatorsax4bsm.jpg

  • alligatorsaxcolor2sm.jpg

  • alligatorsaxsm.jpg

  • @cristen hi! So what are you looking for help with? What do you think is too dark?

  • @chrisaakins
    Thanks for asking. The photos are out of order. It was my first time to post several at one time. They are the progression of the color study. I am creating several pieces for a hospital (children’s). They have approved the sketches. But one thing they have asked is for the art to be colorful. This piece might be two dark on the outside edges. However I do want to draw the eye to the gator playing. The progression seemed to dull up some to me. I am wondering if pooping the color up might help.

  • @cristen
    Well that spelling might have been spot on but I meant...popping!

  • I'm wondering if the image looks dark because our brains tell us that it's sunset and the gator is backlit, even though you managed to bring in a light source on this side of the trees. I don't think it's lacking in colorfulness, but maybe the ambiguous light source is suggesting "shadowy?" I personally like the spanish moss and swamp trees in the composition. Maybe if the--are those bees or firebugs? Maybe if it's sunset the firebugs could really light up the scene and make it look more like a party? And if it's sunrise... well, I guess if it was sunrise this gator would be waking everyone up with some horn playing would he?

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