Rats and coconuts - Isolation.

  • Hi all, so my idea this month is to have a rat, who was a pirate, who has been stranded on a desert island and built himself a little social scene out of coconuts and stuff. I'm not sure whether to make him happy about this though or whether he should be bored by the whole thing, kind of like now the coconuts are having a better time than him. What do you think? Also, please if there are any issues jumping out at you about the technical stuff please chime in! Other than the actual drawing, that will be better, hopefully!May - Isolation.jpg

  • @gavpartridge I think compositionally it looks good. I like the lighting on the beach, too.

  • I think the concept is funny and well illustrated. 🙂 I agree that the colors you’ve chosen to convey the lighting are really nice. You might want to consider finding a way to make the rat more of a focal point so we see him first. Right now he’s more of a second read to me because his value is very similar to the sand. Looking forward to seeing your progress... thanks for sharing your process!

  • @chrisaakins thanks Chris. Im looking at it now and I think i may have to reposition the rat and table a bit, if i follow the perspective i think it looks like the table is about six foor tall comparing it to the shack.

  • @KathrynAdebayo thankyou, yeah i agree, i think ill have to put the most contrast and biggest value range on the rat and table, hopefully that will draw the eye. Its going to be quite a busy piece i think so gonna be tricky.

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