Effective Vehicle Design - Render

  • Hi there! This is the render of #EffectiveVehicleDesign assignment #1. I love green color, so I believe it works well. What do you think? Feedback is really appreciate it #ShaneHunt #SVS #Photoshop #Caricature #Vehicle #illustrationEEFECTIVE VEHICLE DESIGN - CARICATURE - RENDER.jpg

  • @Alvaro-Morales I really like the shape you chose. There are a few perspective issues I’m seeing, specifically on the roof. It feels like you’re looking down at the roof even though the perspective appears to be straight ahead from the side. Also be careful with overusing the soft airbrush render technique. Don’t be afraid of some sharper value shifts. Overall I like it! Nice work.

  • @shanehunt Hi Shane!...Yes, the roof looks swollen, and distorts the shape. This is my first vehicle caricature, and it´s been quite fun to design it. I used markers, but for sure I used the wrong technique to paint it. What kind of brush should I use instead of markers?. @gavpartridge what do you think? Thanks Master Jedi Shane for the feedback!

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