Foundations course work - a running list

  • I didn't think to post finals from the first couple of Foundations courses, but I might as well start doing so. For the Intro to Prop Design course I came up with a lamp that I really liked, but missed the part about it needing to be 3/4 above POV, so when it came time for the final ensemble of course it wasn't going to work.


    Rather than redraw it – which is probably what I should have done – I tried to adjust it and make it work, but it made the work so much harder than it should have been. My perspective is still off someplace, but lesson learned, I guess.


    As I was toggling back and forth between the layers, I noticed this effect, which kind of made it worth while:


    Also, Pinterest seems to be a time suck for me...I had to set up an account to start stealing borrowing images for the vehicle design course and I pretty much lost a full evening.

  • Nice work on the lamp. Catchy animation too!

  • Your chair looks super comfy and cosy. I was like animation yah!!!

  • Looks way better than mine! I need a tool to draw straight lines and ellipses with my pen of choice.

  • Thanks @Guy-McAlister, @Heather-Boyd. The animation was probably the best part for me since I screwed up the perspective 🤦♂ .

    @chrisaakins - it's so easy to draw and hold in Procreate so makes it so fast to get the curves and lines right. The problem (for me) is that then it doesn't look as hand-drawn as it probably should. That's alleviated by using a brush/pen with some tooth to it.

  • @Aaron_T Makes me want procreate even more. I just need to sell about $1200 dollars worth of art work...

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