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  • Hello everybody,

    I'm a current subscriber to SVS and have been listening to classes in the background as I've worked on jobs or personal work. I haven't interacted with anyone on SVS really, but have a desire to do so now. I'm seeking a way to remain accountable with my personal work, because I know I need to do that to grow as an artist and bring my portfolio where I want it.

    What are the best ways you all have found to interact on SVS and get feedback? 3rd Thursday prompts seem cool.
    Are live critiques for everyone? or extra $?
    What keeps you motivated to work on personal work?

    I would love any interaction here, feel free to introduce yourselves a bit and let me know what you like best about SVS - this is my main source of artistic learning right now and I want to make sure I'm taking advantage of it all!

    Thanks! Cali Ward

  • SVS OG

    Welcome @Cali-Ward 🙂 It's a great place here and i'm sure you'll find it useful. Posting in the forum is definitely one of the best ways to get feedback, you get a good dose of critique when you need it but also lots of encouragement 🙂

    3rd Thursdays are also great because the assignments are designed to stretch you and provide you with a proper brief. Plus we're all working on the same brief at once so that makes it more interesting 🙂 Taking part in 3rd Thursday is free, there are other live critique sessions from time to time which are first come first serve and cost extra.

    Hope that helps - look forward to seeing your work!

  • Welcome Cali! I want to second everything Dulcie said, the best way to take advantage of SVS is just to be present on the forums. I would recommend starting up a sketchbook thread here and posting to it regularly to let people see and comment on your work. It is a pretty direct form of communication with other artists and there is a lot of talent on here that is glad to help. 🙂 I hope to see you around!

  • @Cali-Ward I can only speak from my own experience, and I'm only 3 weeks old here, going on 4. I found Will Terry through a you tube video comparing the Cintiq to Yiynova tablet. From there I went to his own website, and then found SVS. I soon found 3rd Thursdays and the Forums.

    And they are both invaluable for your involvement here. First make it a habbit to follow the artists whose style you admire. This way you get to see their progress without having to remember where they had posted last. Also there's a chat feature here which is more like a personal conversation or private message app, and there you can " impose " and ask questions you might not want to discuss in a full blown thread of one person you think might know the answer.

    As to the courses, I can't say enough of writing down the names mentioned of the artists Will and Jake talk about, and then going to their blogs and or websites and following who they're watching. I found a lot of other CBI artists there I admire, so much I made a thread here asking others who they like.

    This is a very nice, intimate community of ever growing CBI people from all walks of life. Some who don't do 3rd Thursday, and some whose work will amaze you. Good luck, and welcome to SVS!

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @Cali-Ward Welcome and I also agree with the above. I try to be present on the forums, I havn't posted much yet since I been hard at work on this months 3rd thursday. I am working on a personal project as well and it is hard to stay motivated. But then when I start to see other artists and their personal projects it inspires me. Its just hard sometimes to find the time when you work a full time job and then have a family to take care of.

  • @Cali-Ward I want to say the live critiques are available to purchase but only to people who have taken a previous class called...i think it's "illustrating children's books."

    I may be wrong on that.

    I'll definitely second (third) the idea that you should participate in the 3rd Thursdays. And make sure to start with a post of your early sketch/comp.

    To me, it doesn't really do any good to submit a final piece at the end. By that I mean, you are skipping all of the awesome help/feedback/encouragement/accountability you can get a long the way.

    Not everyone will crit your work but you will most likely get several people offering advice etc.

  • Hi, Cali! Welcome aboard!

    I was a subscriber on SVS between september and october, when I was unemployed. It was an awesome period, I studied a lot and interacted too. At that time there was Inktober going on too, so it was easier to post stuff on a regular basis, but the Inktober thread wasn't so much about critique. I do see, though, people giving good critique and feedback all over the place, so if you are looking for it, just follow the lead the people above me already gave you. 🙂

    I've been a little bit absent from here ever since november, because I had started a new job, but now that I'm free once again, I'm trying to get back on the forums. As Chip said, you will probably find a lot of encouragement and fire to develop your own projects just from interacting and watching the classes here. I got really motivated to keep my own project with the awesome feedback I got from everybody during Inktober. This is an awesome community! 😃

  • @joyce_carmo @mattramsey @Chip-Valecek @Bobby-Aquitania @Kasey-Snow @Dulcie Thank you for all of your feedback!!!! This is going to be a serious challenge for me - especially the sketchbook part of things - I tend to keep things to myself until I've labored over them meticulously and get defensive because I've invested so much time into them. I think I've heard Will talk about that... baby steps. - I know I need to be better and need a community to help me at times - I've been out of the college scene for a while and don't have strong relationships with art friends to bounce things off of. I'm already getting excited and hope I can be a regular contributor and provide good feedback for others as well.

    I've watched quite a few of the Illustrating Children's Books courses @mattramsey , not sure how they work really - would love to be an active participant in one of those if they ever do them again - is that a thing they do regularly?

    Thanks again guys - good luck with 3rd Thursday. I'll probably participate in January's 🙂

  • @Cali-Ward forgot to add the " Art " section, at the top of the page, you can create a separate sketchbook thread for yourself of ideas and projects not related to the 3rd Thursday prompt. Many people are creating sketch dumps there for whatever inspired them that day that they did, or previous work, or wips.

    Also many of the artists only show their websites in their avatar information, so click those to see if they have a blog or more. Some place it in their signature, but not everyone does that, and you'll miss some terrific sites.

    My favorite is member Shinji Fujioka's Helmet and Hound.

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @Cali-Ward I know what you mean about not having a strong relationship with other art friends. I feel the same. I tried some groups on facebook, but they were not as inviting as this group of people here. If you ever need a push, let me know and I will push ya lol. I plan on focusing on my personal project more next year and will be looking to you all for that push and inspiration!

  • @Bobby-Aquitania said:

    My favorite is member Shinji Fujioka's Helmet and Hound.

    Same here--definitely check it out @Cali-Ward !

    As far as the those videos you watched, I'm pretty that class is "static"--but if you are able to watch them that means you have paid for them and are therefore eligible to pay for one of the live illustration critiques when they are announced.

    At least, that is my impression. I've heard those live crits tend to fill up pretty fast and they only have about 8 or so spots per class.

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