Pimp your mask with illustration

  • In Germany it will be mandatory from next week to wear masks in public.
    I did some illustrations on our mask.

    Does anyone else live in a country were masks in public are mandatory now?

  • This is SO GREAT! such a nice way to personalize.

    In California, Bay Area, we are being told we have to wear them when going into stores - but we are currently allowed to walk around without wearing them as long as we are distant from others.

  • Moderator

    This is brilliant!! How clever and personal!! Awesome!!!

  • Nice! I'm a German in Massachussetts. It's different for every state, even county, I think. But for everyone, it's highly recommended, especially on public transport, inside supermarkets, etc... I'm still sewing the first cloth mask, by hand.
    We'll be moving back to Germany in June though, so I better have a couple of them ready by then!

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