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    I’ve been struggling with figuring out just how I want to make images, and I always seem to revert to simple line and boring flat colors, which I don’t really like very much. I really like an ink line and watercolor look, with lively lines and colors, if that makes sense. (Probably not LOL!)

    Anyway, I took the line drawing from my entry this month, and started experimenting with watercolor brushes (digital) and I wondered what any of you thought about it. This is just playing around with color, really, and not trying to redo the whole thing for the contest. Anyone have any thoughts?


  • Personally, I really like the update @Kat. The subtle color changes add more visual interest for sure, and really soften up the illustration. It even makes it more realistic...when is any object just one color? This one looks more like a book illustration, where the previous version looks more like a comic, if that makes sense.

    And I know what you mean...I basically do the same thing - line art with solid fills, then add shadows and highlights. It makes it fast, but I'm not really in love with my final pieces. Does this route take much longer? I haven't played around with digital watercolor.

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    @Aaron_T thanks, those were some of my thoughts, too. No, this doesn’t take longer, and in some cases it’s actually quicker as I don’t have to be so careful with the color placement. My challenge is loosen up, pick different colors to use, and actually try to be kind of messy. I seem to be so uptight!


  • @Kat Well that's a great start if you're wanting to play around with the style!

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    @Aaron_T I def am!

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    I love the watercolor look. It looks beautiful!

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    @holleywilliamson thanks! More experimenting to do 🙂

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