April Contest WIP (my great debut)

  • Sorry - it's not that great. But, it's a big deal for me! Lee White challenged artists to enter contests in one of the early 3 Point Perspective podcasts, so here I am~
    These are initial sketches. My wife and I looked into getting one of those robot vacuums... but we didn't.
    johnchoi April WIP.jpg

    Main problem I'm trying to work out - how to make robot the focus when it seems it has to be way in the back, especially if I want to have a bunch of stuff getting sucked in in between Lisa and the bot. Actually - I'm also not sure it's clear that that's what it is. Complete profile perspective? Is this even interesting enough to work out? Seems really obvious... but my quick google search didn't yield any similar results...
    Thanks all~!

  • @johnchoi a couple of things.

    First, I love the robot design in the middle of the first page. Good job anthropomorphizing!

    Second, with all of the lines of action pointing to the robot, I think that it will be the center of attention even if it is not as large on the page. That said you could definitely make its mouth larger. @Lee-White always says overdo it and then bring it back if you need to (but usually you won't.)

  • @theprairiefox thank you for the encouraging feedback~! yes, gotta OVERDO it. Trying to work out another composition... will post soon-ish

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