The Farm WIP - Critique/ Feedback Wanted

  • I finally got back to my book dummy. I am working on the 3rd double spread of it. Check out the first two below:

    The Barn Thread
    Potatoes Thread

    This page is one of the first pages and is introducing the setting (the farm) and one of the characters coming onto the scene.

    Text: (could be split or on the same page)
    She came the year of the Great Famine. The warlords had destroyed much of the land and what they didn’t, drought had dried up.
    Being far from any village, our farm was spared destruction. Even so, we had barely enough food for the winter.

    Keywords: Lonely, small, distant, cold

    I want to give the feeling of being far away and separated.

    Here are 3 value sketches:

    Sketch_010.png Sketch_009.png Sketch_005.png

    Let me know which you think best fits and why (if you know the reason you like it.)

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