April Contest WIP

  • I'm getting a late start, but I'd like to submit something for the April contest. I've just been spitballing ideas, I'm curious if any one of these three concepts seems like a more appealing direction?


  • Lol, I love the idea that the robot is having an existential crisis! Great ideas all around, though!

  • I like the existential crisis idea but not sure I’d get it without the words there, but that might just be me missing the point!
    The diving robot idea made me giggle and is my favourite.

  • @Coley Thanks for the feedback! Do you think having the robot open up a panel to discover his inner gears helps to concept of 'existential crisis' read better? I also added a little anatomy book to suggest he’s confused about what he’s made of...


  • @aprilshin Thanks! Do you think the idea the robot is having an "existential crisis" will come through without the text?

  • @Braxton I think it makes it a bit clearer. Maybe another book or two, make up some titles such as “Who am I ‘ or something like that? sorry that’s probably a lame example but just to show the robot is questioning things , keep brainstorming! It’s a cute idea for sure!

  • I like @Coley 's idea of adding more books like "The Meaning of Life" or "Find Yourself!" etc. It would be even funnier if the robot was specifically designed to carry out some mundane task. I'm thinking about the episode in Rick & Morty where Rick builds a tiny robot and it asks him, "What is my purpose?" and Rick replies, "To pass the butter." And you can see the robot is just like... omg, haha. I think it's funny because the robot looks so small and insignificant and yet it's so intelligent. Great ideas, Braxton!

    I don't think there's anything wrong with including text in your drawing, too. It reminds me of a comic.

  • I would say the robot at the pool has the most bang for the buck. It’s idea is definitely the clearest and communicated the most quickly.

    Good luck on whichever you choose. They all look like fun.

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