April WIP Huggs

  • So robots are out of my comfort zone but I am going to give it a try. My idea is that Lisa invented a robot teddy bear that gives hugs but now he won’t let go. I was planing on doing 3 vignettes is a single page. This is my character design and a rough sketch of the illustration. And feed back would be good. The 3 illustrations are her building it. Then her trying to eat then she is trying to brush her teeth. I thought of ding more but don’t want to over crowd the page. What do you think?C6D556DE-BA29-4CF8-ACDC-AEBD9284B020.jpeg 43C6FDAE-3B6B-4668-8F32-93A6FFD59EBA.jpeg

  • Hi @Mandy-Forte, cute design and concept. Looking forward to final piece.

  • Cute idea and characters.what if she was trying to peel the bear off of her but he was holding too tightly? Just a thought 😊

  • 1F20D736-CCA7-47BC-B299-142B01421664.jpeg

    My final project. Does anything weird stand out to anyone?

  • This is adorable. How can a metal robot look so cuddly?

    A couple of tweaks I see that you could possibly make:

    1. Image of them hugging on floor- make her cow lick more prominent like you have in the other two illustrations, for consistency sake.

    2. Same image- extend the shadow on her pants that's under her shirt from left side over to right. The right side of her inner thigh is coming forward a bit too much, when I think it would look better to recede it like you have on the left thigh.

  • @TessaW thank you, I didn’t realize that I had lost the cowlick, and shadows are so tricky for me.

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