Overreacting during House Arrest! Qritique appreciated!

  • Hello guys!
    I really hope you and your loved ones are healthy and safe.
    We are some days in the quarantine phase now,and this haas sparked so many thoughts regarding health,career,what s important and so much more.
    I absolutely enjoy this break from reality from the time being.

    This artwork was made having in mind how some kind of characters overreact to some things, without critical thinking ,or just thinking..

    With that being said , Passion is a fire, and I think that we have to be careful when we excersice passion to things that are not coming from deep inside us, like house confindement...
    And let s remember..Fire can warm us but it defintately can burn us too..

    On the critique note,which version do you prefair?
    The letter on top (message trying to be communicated) or plain?

    That was a long one!


  • Love it @Georgios-Christopoulos! Your work is perfect for a comic!

    I have this book called Super Chill from Adam Ellis, it’s hilarious! I bet you can make one of these books too with your art style.


  • @Jeremy-Ross just checked it out! It s wonderful! Thanks for the feedback my friend!!