Painting emotions because of corona

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    Yesterday was rough. Some days it just hits you that this isn’t normal. Not what we are used to doing. I painted a few things a felt better. Anyone else feel like their emotions flow through your fingers? 49ECB85B-8D90-4385-95B3-5635BD346B18.jpeg 34EB7D62-E112-4C9F-9233-6F3DE848FC8B.jpeg

  • I love how you placed the Covid things with a careful physical social distance...

  • I myself have done some coloring pages about Japanese gardening tools and (so far one) scene of a Japanese garden for people to download and color. But it's also a relief for me to draw them and I'm not sure anyone has ever downloaded, printed and colored them. Although it's a great way to use up all those non-colors like gray and brown and moss green...!


    I also planned to do ironic corona coloring pages ("color your own mask!") but it just hits too close to home. I prefer to just think of something for a change.

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    @jfeuer that is really beautiful! Great images and line work. That makes a beautiful coloring page. I love how art can be a distraction. Something to distract our minds and hands.

    I didn’t notice about the spacing. Most times a little more freeform with spacing. I think how I was feeling at the time came through in a way I didn’t realize. How we are all feeling nervous and boxed in. Afraid to move.

    Here are my last two of the series. I’m going to send the faces ones out to my kids I work with in church. I teach the 10 year olds on Sunday and the 7-11 year old girls during the week. I miss them so much. I’ve been doing a Facebook live and it is great to connect with them through art. But i still miss their stinking little faces!

    F0A10022-226C-4E94-9840-F65B2F1934C4.jpeg DACA7118-4EEB-4DFB-85EE-59F9D3883512.jpeg

  • Sweet images 😍

    I did a couple of angel themed images but I find it hard to focus. I’m just trying to find time to work on my contest entry now. I used to have time when my kids were in school but now I’m so busy getting them organized to do some learning, exercise and chores everyday, plus cooking etc that I have a lot less time than before. Using my subscription less too as I don’t have time. Still trying to pick my way through composition 2.0 which is a great class.

    Looking forward to more of your endearing images 😊

  • @Whitney-Simms These are gorgeous! Any chance to buy a print or download? I'd love to send the 'You're essential to me' to at least five people. I live in the US now, but my family is back in Germany, so I feel double removed from them. And I'm not gonna lie, I do miss the Preschool teachers. They'd deserve a card like this, too!

  • @Coley I saw your beautiful angels and hope there are some out there watching out for us. It's a very comforting idea.

    And I understand! With a baby and a preschooler, I made the conscious decision not to buy any subscriptions, tempting though they are. Maybe later in the year. Maybe once we're back to normal, whatever that was (I think I don't remember).

  • @Whitney-Simms They are beautiful! The kids you work with in church are going to love them.. I know my kids have been missing their church teachers. Such a good idea ❤

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    @jfeuer I do sell little notecards. Would you like a set of them? It will be a mixed one with all the images, but i can customize it for just the “you’re essential to me” image if you’d like. The are 4.25 x 5.5 so they aren’t really for a 5x7 standard frame. If you want just the images I can print them 5x7 rather than in a card form. The cards are $10 ($13 when you include shipping) for a set of 8 cards. It Includes envelopes.

    @Coley that really was a sweet angel!

  • @Whitney-Simms Thank you so much! I'll send you an email!

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    I think the need to create has to do with making something tangible. On normal days I needed that. My life is so one chore and the mess comes back in an hour. Kids need to eat, dishes get dirty, laundry is a constant cycle. Now that we have very little to even distinguish what day it is, or even what time of day it is, the more I need to feel like this isn’t Groundhog Day. You know, that movie with bill Murray. I love the feeling that making progress or creating work gives you. Even if it’s a piece of crap, you’ve moved the needle toward your goal of becoming a better artist. Or let go of some pressure building. Or made someone smile. Some days, I feel like speaking is my second language and visual communication is my first. Sorry for going so random. You guys speak my language and those I live with don’t. I love them, but I sometimes feel like Charlie Browns teacher when I’m talking to my husband. That’s okay. I’ll keep him for today. Just had to get the thoughts out. Here is the completed quarantine 2020 card set. I took a better picture with my iPad. Sorry this one is from my phone and it’s dark.


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