Character consistency Frog and Toad

  • SVS OG

    Hi this a cover for Frog and a Toad and some spots. What do you think about the character consistency? Any other thoughts would be welcome, I have been a little frustrated with this project and thereby unsure about the results.


  • Hi Holly,

    The character consistency looks good. Though I would like to give feedback on a couple of other things, if that's ok.

    I feel the toad can be made more toad-like. Maybe thicken the neck a little?
    Also, the toad has similar expressions in both so a variation in expressions for the toad would also be nice.

    For the spot illustration of the frog, (in my opinion), it works better not to show too much depth since there are no background details. So the pile of leaves can be shifted closer to the frog.

    Great work! Keep going! 🙂

  • SVS OG

    @Neha-Rawat thanks for your time and thoughts, lots to think about!

  • SVS OG

    I made a few changes to the eyes and added a little bit of background on the leaf scene


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