A walk in the forest - piece need feedback :)

  • I am working on a new piece in portfolio during the lockdown time. I made the sketch and put some rough color there. While the foreground color bothers me a bit. I've mainly got three questions in mind.

    • Do the foreground plants need darker values?
    • The two forest creatures, are they distracting? I wanted viewers focus on the main characters(mom/kid) at the first glance, and then discover the two little forest creatures.
    • Any thoughts on composition?

    Thanks much! Hope everyone is staying safe/well. Keeping up your creativity 🙂


  • This is such a lovely lighthearted piece, I love it! The forest creatures are perfect in my opinion, they don't distract from the main focus. As for the foreground plants, a little shading wouldn't hurt but if you choose to leave it the way it is it still looks nice 🙂

  • SVS OG

    I love your line work and the whimsical feel of illustration. I do feel like the tree is overtaking the illustration because it is the same value as the children but so much bigger. The creatures are cute and I think something needs a darker value in the picture.

  • This is such a lovely piece! I like the soothing color palette with the contrasting red dress as focal point.
    The forest creatures look good to me since they're in muted tones.
    Yes, the foreground plants could be a little darker to show depth.
    Also, the whole piece is slating to the left so it's throwing me off a little. The trees, plants, horizon line, cycle and characters, everything is slanting to the left. Maybe straighten some of the elements?
    Looking forward to see how this develops!

  • @holleywilliamson Thank you! You are absolutely right, value of background trees are overtaking. I'll tone them down a little bit!

  • @Neha-Rawat Thanks! This is why you guys/gals are so helpful. I did not even notice the slanting of elements, which do look weird to me after you pointed this out. Maybe I'll try to tilt the line of ground a bit to compensate it. Let me see what I can do 🙂

  • @annagv_artist Thank you! I am going to darken the foreground a little bit, just a little bit 😃

  • Thank you for all the suggestions, so I have almost finished this one ...
    Maybe I have been staring at my ipad for too long time, but does anyone feel it is a bit gray/neutral-ish? or lack of life?

    Also I feel the characters in this painting loose enough. Not sure why I always paint people in a rather "tight/boring" way. Even the foreground plants looks really rigid/tight ... Wish someday I can do fun/free characters like Beatrice Almagna 🤤

    Would like to hear your thoughts on this piece or on how should I improve in general. Thank you!

    2020-04-15 small.jpg

    I am also attaching one of Beatrice Almagna's illo here. How fun/emotional is that. How to achieve it exactly? I always wonder.

  • @idid try a more unusal point of view :-), maybe?

  • @xin-li Thank you! You are right, I totally need to do a few pieces of different perspectives.

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