Nanny Bot Concept WIP

  • Hey guys! I've been playing around with ideas for the April contest and this is what I've come up with. This is a very rough and incomplete sketch. The box in the foreground will read "Nanny Bot 2.0" or something similar, and the mom will be reading a troubleshooting guide. This is an idea that has definitely come from an imagination fueled by my current situation, with all my three children doing school from home, plus a toddler 😃

    Questions: Does this read well? Do you guys understand the concept? And do you like the composition so far? Any changes you'd make as far as that goes?

    Thanks for everyone's feedback! I love all the ideas rolling in so far. So many cute ones.

    Untitled_Artwork (17).jpg

  • @sarahlash Is the story that the Nannybot is suddenly acting like the lazy good for nothing husband bot? If so I think it is a good read.

  • @chrisaakins Kind of. The husband bot idea really hadn’t entered my thinking. Just a nanny robot who is suddenly feeling like not nannying. I don’t want this to be a slam on husbands though. Maybe I need to rethink it a bit more.

  • @sarahlash Maybe you could go the other way and the mom comes in horrified that the Nanny bot has them in doing pushups like a drill Sergeant or something.

  • I really like the idea of the nanny suddenly deciding to take a day off after just a couple of hours. But I don't want this to be some sort of symbolic smear on husbands. What do you think about this update? Does this read a little better?

    Untitled_Artwork (18).jpg

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