Light and Shadow for Illustrators Homework

  • Hello! I haven't really posted on here much but here is my homework for this course. I really enjoyed it and learned some really great tips and tricks. I also learned how to use Procreate more indepth and now things have gotten so much easier on there! Still so much left to learn but I'm really enjoying the process right now. I will be trying to post more on here from now on to keep myself accountable and also to make some friends here. Nice to meet you all (whoever ends up commenting) and can't wait to hear from you guys!

  • Wow! Thank you for sharing! This shading has a certain smoothness to my liking. Great job!

  • @Paint-Doodles Nicely done! I took the same class just the other day, but haven't gotten around to posting my classwork just yet... This is a fun and very informative class, isn't it? I find it absolutely amazing how easy it is to trick our brains into seeing these 2D images in 3D, simply by adding a little light and shadow.

  • @dafoota That was a challenge and also something I learned with procreate about the brushes, I haven't played too much with these specific brushes and they all reacted so differently even though they were all airbrush sets.

  • @Casual-T Thank you! I really enjoyed this class and I was actually very surpised to see how little work there was with the highlights, the local tone really does the heavy lifting. It was so nice to just follow along as well and just focus on the toning things as well.

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