Vampire (or) sorceress woman - Value stage. Critiques welcomed with open arms!

  • The Lady in Red.jpg Hi all! So it feels like I've been away for forever, largely due to parental responsibilities etc, life and such, and I did paint one piece which I had high hopes for, but it failed miserably, and that knocked the wind out my sails a bit really. Anyway, thanks to the ongoing global apocalypse, and a well timed ruptured achilles tendon, I've got time on my hands to get stuck back into art.

    I'm starting this piece, about a vampire-type-sorceress lady in a graveyard, send out her familiars (crows) to do some evil mischief. Id be interested to get some opinions on its composition, values etc. I known the drawing's cr@p at the minute, I can sort the rendering best I can, but before I start i'd like to know if anybody can spot any glaring errors or anything. I'd be grateful for any comments at all, thanks for reading!

  • Lady in Red 2.jpg

    Hi all, so I think perhaps my original was maybe a but too rough to actually provide any feedback on, so here's where I am at the minute. Some things would be tricky to change, but this is still very much a learning process for me and many things can still be changed fairly easily, i'm in no rush, so if anybody does have any feedback good or bad, anything whatsoever, i'd be very much interested in your Hearing your thoughts!
    On the picture, i intend to still put a green magical glow from her hand, lighting the face a bit, sort the mouth out which is being problematic so far, and the crows in the distance will come back, but otherwise ill just render it all out best i can to make it look nice.
    Also, If i'm violating some unwritten code here by asking for feedback when I generally contribute very little, please let me know, now I have some time on my hands I'd be happy to trawl the forum and chime in when I feel it would be helpful. Generally though i tend not to as I don't want to pollute the good information from other people with my nonsense!

  • Hi @gavpartridge This is a good piece so far. My biggest concern would be that for a generally very muted palette, that her dress gets all my attention being so red. You might want to figure out a way to make her face be the highest area of contrast. It is very well drawn and I like the overall composition.

    One more thing is that her face has a bland expression. What is she thinking? Is she evil? maybe give her a sneer or something.

    Lastly, you might want to explore a bit more texture on the tombstones and clouds. They look too sharp in focus compared to her soft lines, especially the one closest to her legs.

    I hope this feedback is useful to you. If not please feel free to discard.

  • @chrisaakins yeah thats pretty much what i thought, im working on those things now. The expression on the face is so tricky, most of the attempts so far have had her looking like the Joker. Think the eyebroes are wrong too. Im hoping that when i put the green glow in it'll make her face stand out a bit, and ive darkened up the dress a bit. Thanks very much for that Chris, much appreciated!

  • I did a quick draw over to give you an idea of just some little things you could do. I arched her eyebrow and lowered the other to make a sneer of disdain. I put a little line of disgust over her lips and gave her red lipstick and eyeshadow. I toned down her dress not by making it darker but by adding a layer of green over it to tone it down.


    I hope that helps.

  • @chrisaakins nice one, thanks for doing that! Yeah i see what you mean, theres a few problems that need fixing, trouble is when i correct one i create two more with poor brushwork. Sometimes i wish i didnt like art, id have so much more free time! Lol.

  • Lady in red 5.jpg

    Right, I'm about to chuck this thing out the window, I can't tell if its good or terrible anymore. Please help me! Do the green glowing balls look like magic or just like she just sneezed? Chris, or anyone else, please tell me how to fix this picture! I know the face still need work, but is it any better? I haven't even tackled the hair yet. I don't know, it all just looks odd.

  • @gavpartridge I definitely think it is getting better. I think the green magic is working.

  • So I finally finished it so thought i'd put it up, leaving open threads like this makes me uneasy. I've took it as far as I'm willing to for now, I'm so slow I get sick of my pictures before i've finished them. Hopefully one day when i've improved a bit I can come back and put a bit more polish on it, but for now i'm pretty satisfied with the result.Lady in red Final.jpg

  • @gavpartridge it looks good! I like her face!

  • @gavpartridge Wow! This looks great! I love the detailing and the facial expression of both the characters.

    I have 2 teeny tiny comments (please feel free to ignore or come back to it later when/if you'd like to)

    1. The rose pattern on her dress standing out a little too much. I feel it's because it's too black (could be dulled down a little) and the lines are too sharp compared to all the other edges. Maybe just blur them out a little.
    2. I love the reflection in her eyes but I feel that they're off by about a millimetre. It looks like she's staring just off to the right of my eyes instead of directly at them. The eye on the right (her left) could be pulled in a bit closer to the nose. (I could also be imagining it so please verify it)

    I love the detailing on her hair and the crow feathers.

  • @Neha-Rawat You're absolutely correct on both counts, there are some other things i'd like to fix too, but I'm gonna have to call it 'Done for now', I want to do something else. Learnt a lot from this piece though, excited to get going on something new. Thanks for the nice words though. And @chrisaakins thanks very much for your input, much appreciated!

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