20 years since art school

  • Hi all! I can't believe it has been 20 years since I was first taking Illustration in college. After many life twists and turns I've been diving back into being a full-time artist for the past couple years and decided to relearn some of the fundamentals that I have left to degrade over these many years.

    I've started in the Learn to draw anything class and it's such a blast from the past to practice drawing ellipses in perspective from a box model! Relearning my line control and pencil touch is really refreshing. (My wrist is feeling the practice)

    Looking forward to being more active here as I continue through these courses!

    (Goal is to find an agent and land a decent book illustration gig by the end of 2020.)

  • Welcome @whateveryouart!

  • @davidw Welcome to the forums! The draw anything course is definitely a great place to start 🙂

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    @davidw welcome!

  • Hey David... No worries, art is like riding a bike; once you get back into the saddle—even after 20 years—it only takes a couple of scraped knees, a chipped tooth (or two), and maybe a broken nose, and you'll be back like you never even left! Well actually, being a newbie around here myself, I don't know much about art as such, but I scraped plenty of knees riding my bike, so I guess that counts...

    Very much digging the stuff on your Instagram!!


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    Welcome! 😃

  • Hello 🙂 Fantastic that you've returned to your art! Nice to meet you. I joined a couple of months ago and have found the community here really supportive!


  • @Casual-T Thanks!! I've been searching out experiences that will help me push past boundaries and blockages in my markmaking. Very glad to have this resource and community to continue to help with that journey.

  • @davidw SVS is definitely a great resource. I've been around for only a month or so, but everyone is very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Great place to practice riding your bike! 😉

  • @davidw Welcome David! I have recently joined too. Im a self-taught artist/illustrator, finding my ground in the industry. Still exploring the website and forums. Its inspiring to see that you're re-doing the whole process that you did 20 years back, while I keep cribbing about never being able to do enough and growing old losing time. Cheers!

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