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  • I'm watching a youtube video about the Cintiq 16. It is different than the Cintiq 16Pro but only costs about $650. My question is, does the tablet influence the quality of the printed image? Or is that based only on Photoshop? I was leaning toward an iPadPro with Procreate but everyone is saying I would need to go to Photoshop with a Cintiq to bring the image up to CMYK and a printable quality. I want the ability to print my work and can't afford both. I don't mind using a Cintiq with less bells and whistles as long as I can get good quality prints off it. I have a Mac mini and I think the operating system is good enough but I might have to update that too. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  • SO just got to the part about resolution 1080 vs 4K. Is that just the screen or is that the printed image?

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  • @Kim-Hunter The 4K vs 1080 is just how many pixels the screen has. The quality of the print is based on the canvas settings in Photoshop, not related to the pixel numbers on the screen. The more pixels on the screen (4K) will just give you more clarity or granularity as you are working. You can zoom into the image on either monitor size for detail.

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    @Ryan-Ehrenberg true

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    @Kim-Hunter i just got myself a cintiq pro 16. The main reason why I got it instead of the cintiq 16 is the color accuracy. However, if that’s not something you’re bothered about, the cintiq 16 is a great choice.

  • Thanks. It's my first digital tool. Will likes Ipad/Procreate to start with a polish on a Cintiq. I just can't afford both and I'm trying to decide how best to get started. My plan is to get just as much as I need to get started to do some digital work for my local economy to help pay for a full professional system. I'm also balancing the portability of the iPad because I may be on the road for a few months this summer. A lot of pros there too.

  • @Kim-Hunter iPad and Procreate are great. I actually illustrated two books with that. IMO, you will still need to use Photoshop or equivalent on a computer to finalize and format. You don't need the cintiq at that point, a mouse will do great. The desktop or laptops is much more preferred for laying your image with the text, on correct canvas, color profile, etc and that's where Procreate suffers. I also have had no luck with CMYK(print color) straight out of Procreate, so I don't trust it for that.

  • Thanks. I was thinking iPad and using my mouse with my Mac mini and Photoshop. If most of the drawing can be done on iPad and only formatting done with the mouse, that should work to bridge the start-up cost gap.

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