Prop design assignment critique

  • ![alt text](86C8F48D-11ED-4225-A8FA-904A396403D2.jpeg image url)

    This is my "finished" piece for Jake’s prop design class. I’m not satisfied with it and I can’t say why exactly. I feel like I’m missing that last 10% of the piece that makes it look finished.

    Does anyone know what a good size to work at is? In jakes example everything seemed so clear and he could zoom in without losing resolution so I want to make sure I work in a proper size in the future.

  • This looks great! So clean!

    Sizing is tough because it is dependent on what you want the final product to be. I normally work at roughly 16x20 @ 300dpi that way I can scale up or down pretty easily.

  • @EliaMurrayArt thanks! I’ll try working at that size

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