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    ryan_2nd_grade_wip1.jpg Last Year I did posters for my kids teachers in the style of the simpsons. This year I wanted to do a comic book cover but keep it cute. Here is my sketch for one of two covers. Any thoughts? I need to move fast on these since I will need to have them done and printed by early next week. Also need to get my 3rd thursday finished.

  • You're sketch is really rough, so the only thing I would point out is watch your hard corners. You have one near the bent arm of the V woman, where the side of her torso is drawn. I would smooth that out. She has another in her forward leg. The stomach of your other character seems a little thick, was that intentional? I would soften that with a break to show her stomach and ribcage.

    The forward foot on the V woman is also odd, and you were probably gonna fix this in the final, but draw all 5 fingers other wise they look like aliens. Lastly the head of the other girl is slightly big, her neck could be slightly skinnier, either bring her hair in, or redraw the neck line. Hope that helps...

    super teachers.jpg

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    @Bobby-Aquitania exactly what i was looking for, thanks. Yes it was still really rough. I will get these changes in and get the clean lines down. Thanks again.

  • @Chip-Valecek don't forget Jake Parker has some GREAT classes here on doing superhero art. I would skip the comics basic one, since you're not doing pages, and go right to his sidekicks and superheroes course. That should show you how to color it... if you have any questions on how to get it to look more comic booky, let me know. I have a lot of working knowledge on this subject... A LOT. I've done pieces like yours, here's one of my buddy, who did the Iron Man Triathlon Event... so naturally I drew him as...
    ironman pai.jpg

    Edit: though judging from your own work, you got this covered...

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    @Bobby-Aquitania I do plan on taking the comic book courses, I am finishing up the color and light course now and then I want to do the composition course next. Money well spent on the annual subscription thats for sure.

  • I agree... I'm all over the site, except for those comic courses, as I've done extensive research on my own, I used to in fact teach it to my 6th graders as an afterschool course. So those are still on my list, but more as a guilty pleasure. His inkling class was very good though, and I just bought the wife a copy of his " the Little Snow Plow " so I am very tempted to learn more from Mr. Jake Parker!

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    ryan_2nd_grade_72dpi.png Finished piece, onto the second one. Hoping to finish it tonight or tomorrow morning.

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