2019 iPad pro and Photoshop CC question

  • Hey forum, it's been quite some time since I've been on here. My current tech is aged on and need to be replaced - I am looking at doing last year's iPad pro which is supposed to be Photoshop compatible, curious if anyone else uses this system and if you like it. I'm afraid the Mac's and Cintiq's of the world are beyond my grasp right now so I'm looking at this as an affordable option. I appreciate any advice if you've time to share.

  • Hi! I love my iPad pro and Procreate combo. Plenty of pro's use it and have created brushes to use with the Procreate app. Sorry, I don't use Photoshop so I can't give you my opinion there.

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    @RHirsch are you going to use the ipad pro as a stand alone or are you going to pair it with a device?

  • @Nyrryl-Cadiz I've been using it as a standalone device for over a year now 🙂

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    @Daisy same. I’ve been using mine as a stand alone for more than 2 years now

  • @RHirsch iPad Pro is great as you can take it anywhere. very fast too. Love the iPencil. Photoshop isn't fully operational yet on ipadOS. I've been using Adobe Fresco for drawing with live brushes, vectors and pixels. It's great with new features getting added all the time. I'm in the Adobe Slack Beta test group and they're quite good at taking suggestions on and adding new features to Fresco.

  • One digital app for iPad that's very much like Photoshop (and has more functionality on iPad--even won Apple's App of the Year) is Affinity Photo (in the $20 range, one-time payment). I've been using that in combination with Procreate, and it's fun. Affinity Photo also has a high-powered desktop version for Mac and PC (and is only a one-time payment of $50 for a license--no need to pay monthly). That way you can jump back and forth from iPad to a PC/Mac (where you get the benefit of a larger monitor and potentially more processing power).

  • Thanks for the recommendation @CosmoglotJay! I might just check it out. I’m currently only using procreate but interested to see what Affinity offers.

  • @Nyrryl-Cadiz Looking to make it a standalone as my computer is nine years old and on its last legs. Can't afford to replace it too, so looking at doing most of my work on the ipad, and using the computer to finish it if needed.

  • @CosmoglotJay So are you drawing in Procreate and then finishing in Affinity? I'm not familiar with either as I've been using PS CS5 for years and now have to switch it up. I'll check it out, thanks.

  • @sigross Looking at Fresco right now per your suggestion and looks like they pair with Kyle Webster for brushes, which makes me happy since I use those, so I will definitely be checking that out. Thanks!

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    @RHirsch the ipad is great device especially if paired with procreate or affinity designer. I think you’ll have a great time making art. I know it’s been really great for me as well. However, as I’ve been working on more professional projects recently, I’ve encountered limitations like procreate’s RGB only format or that in procreate, I can only work on a limited number of layers. I guess I can could just paint in Affinity but I don’t like its brushes. Those by far are the biggest deal breakers for me. Perhaps consider upgrading in the future if you have more money saved up.

  • It's been a year since I tried out Affinity Photo for Windows 10. My very first impressions of it were "a little different from Photoshop, but I could get used to this!" However, it had a fatal flaw on the Surface Pro. Owing to some weird behind-the-scenes shenanigans with Surface display drivers, if you used the eyedropper tool on your canvas, you could NEVER sample the correct color--even if it was a giant field of solid color laid down with the paint bucket tool. The color you'd sample would be some slight number of shades off. It made painting impossible. Had to drop the program like a hot rock.

    Affinity has free trials for all of its programs (the desktop versions anyway), so there's no harm in giving it a whirl to see if they've worked that bug out!

  • @RHirsch Yes - Affinity can import PSD files, though most often I just export a PNG or JPEG from Procreate (into my Dropbox account, which is how I share files across devices and os platforms) and open them in Affinity Photo on my laptop (for which I have a larger external monitor). Until I bought Procreate last month at the urging of many on this forum (and it was so inexpensive, that, well, why not?) I was painting in Affinity Photo on iPad. A lot of illustrators use Affinity Designer on iPad, which is legitimate - but I was going for more of a raster painting experience and didn’t really see the need to factor vector elements into my work, so I’ve mainly stuck with Photo.That said, any of the Affinity apps can open a file made in any other Affinity app. They share a file format.

  • @Tracy-McCusker That’s bizarre! I wonder if they have figured that out in subsequent releases?

  • @RHirsch yes Kyle's brushes are brilliant. He's making some new ones now for photoshop/fresco. Should be out soon.

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