Designing Bat Characters

  • For my capstone project at school, I am designing bat characters!

    Today, I worked on silhouettes for the main character. Below are my top eight. I don't know much about her personality yet, but I do know that she's friendly and very curious.

    I would love to hear your feedback!


  • I really like the body proportions/shapes of 1,5, and 8! Maybe it would be cool if you experimented with the wing size even more, like trying out super tiny or huge wings 😛

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    @baileymvidler I agree with @jwing These are all very lovely, but they are all quite similar! The silhouette stage is an opportunity to let loose and try very different things with the body proportions. The fact that these all fit into same sized squares says it all. You're playing with details like the shape of the ears (which is important!) but all of these have roughly the same proportions. For instance the body takes approximately 2/3 of the height of your character in all the versions, and the wings are of similar proportion as well. Now don't get me wrong, any of these would make a very solid character design. I just think you might be missing an opportunity to push the envelope to get the most out of the silhouette assignment. Here are some examples:

  • @baileymvidler I personally gravitate towards 7/8, but I agree with the two other comments - GO WILD for this stage. I'd recommend getting a big brush (a real brush if you have access) and get gray paint, and make tons of marks just playing with all kinds of wonky shapes with the single color. Then go back in once it's dry with a sharpie or some such and see what forms you can find within those big gray blobs. Sometimes it helps to shake up your mind a little with physical paint without worrying about a specific outcome. I also like to turn things upside down and around while I'm playing with shapes.

  • I like the feedback that suggests you exaggerate even more. With that being said, I think all of these are really appealing and would work great for a bat character. Great job!

  • I totally see what you're all saying - thanks for the feedback!

    Here's round two of silhouettes. I tried to get more variation in the proportions and shapes. (Although, I think I should maybe still try to push it even further.) I have no idea where #14 is going to put all that wing, haha.

    Going to go clean the house, then back to work! 😃


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    @baileymvidler Oh wow! This round is so much more appealing than the first one! Congrats on pushing yourself. I think it really paid off as you came up with a lot more designs and even if you don't retain them, some ideas that you found here might end up influencing the way you draw your final character. Great job! I personally like 3 and 8 the most! Picture 14 wrapping himself up in his wings like a really thick burrito LOL

  • @baileymvidler Fabulous!!! These are so fun!

    I mean 14 could be a story unto herself - I am now asking myself - what would happen to a bat who's wings were too big! What obstacles does she overcome, and what surprising things does she realize she can do that other bats cannot? Eep! Love it!

    I LOVE 12's stance. That is a confident bat. So much personality. I also really like 1 and 2. I feel like 1 is precious and 2 could be kind of spunky. 3 feels like a best buddy who might have a tough time keeping up with adventures but is always down to go.

    Gah endless stories. ok ok I'm getting ahead of myself.

    looking forward to seeing more!

  • Been a while, but I did finish this project. Thought I'd share the final designs!


  • Thanks for sharing the final. Very cool to see.

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