3rd Thursday Piece

  • Can anyone give me some tips for rendering these balloons a little better? Right now they are realllly distracting and it's not where I want the eye to go to immediately! Thanks! CarleneVickReindeerFlu.jpg

  • @carlenevick I'm not really sure how to help but I guess if I were doing them I would get a picture of a real balloon and pull it in to photoshop and put a layer over it and then outline with a dark color and then put a lighter color and end up with the lightest color on top. Then I would blend them starting by blending the darkest and the next color and work my way to the lightest color. I know someone else can give u better advice than this, I hope it makes a little since to you.

  • It might be because they are complementary colors, red and green, right next to each other so it draws the eye. Have you messed with different colors for them? Have you played with different viewpoints? If you put the balloons at the top the bears will be the main focus and the giant balloon bunch is second.


  • @carlenevick I don't think I answered your question the right way. You just wanted to know about rendering the balloons and I got super excited about drawing balloons on bears! I'm really sorry about that.

    So, one, those complementary colors side by side. Try different color schemes.

    They are looking lumpy and unevenly shaded. Whenever I need a defined shape (circular objects are really hard to draw smoothly!) I use the shape tool or the lasso tool. This tutorial goes through the steps of rendering balloons with the lasso tool.

    balloon tutorial on youtube

    Finally, Santa is looking directly at the balloons. That's why I thought you should create more space at the top of the image and put the balloons up there. I hope this helps more!

  • Great points! Thanks! Man I wish I had the time to redo my composition after seeing your feedback gimmehummus, lol. Time to dive into that class for sure...

    About to check out that balloon tutorial too, then hopefully applying some of those points. I'll repost when I have more to show on that front. For now, here's my chosen color change for the balloon. I think it compliments the overall palette more - just got to get their construction down a bit more!


  • I think a great thing to watch would be "Working with Color" if you haven't already. Will gives some great perspective on how to make colors more rich and pointers on how color works in the light! I can already see how to apply that to those balloons!

  • CarleneVickReindeerFlu2.jpg

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