What paint software do you use?

  • I have primarily used Photoshop and sometimes Manga Studio in the past for things. Today I decided to do some sketching in Sketchbook Pro something I downloaded long time ago but never really used and found it to be much more easy to use in terms of responsiveness and the ui. I have always used Photoshop in the past and had no problems with their ui until I started using my 13hd cintiq few weeks ago, the small monitor just doesn't lend well to all of the panels. I find myself using a 2nd monitor full of panels and moving a ton in the brush presets at such a small scale it is hard to see the name of my brush. Oddly enough the simple ui in sketchbook that I didn't care for before lends itself really well to it. So I wondered what do you guys use? Have you found an easier work flow with PS than I did or use something completely different?

  • I work with 3 monitors, two 27 inchers (Samsung and a new Asus IPS) and a 20 inch Apple monitor. But find other than using the new Asus for reference images, the 20 inch can handle most UIs. I also primarily used Photoshop, but more and more these days I have been using Manga Studio 5, and sometimes Mischief, which gives you an infinite canvas... so UIs don't matter in the latter.

    Edit: forgot to mention I use an Intuos 4 Medium which has a 6 x 9 1/4 surface to work in... but I started on an Intuos 2 back in 2003. I've dabbled in Illustrator but my wife is the vector artist not me, she can even do that crazy vector mesh coloring... I just don't have the patience. lol

  • Photoshop, Clip studio and illustrator, i use only one monitor

  • I haven't used Photoshop in over 10 years. Downloaded Affinity Photo yesterday and made my first digital painting. Hoping to learn more. Wasn't as difficult as I remember Photoshop being.

    I'm using a MacBook Air with built-in trackpad to draw with.

  • I'm impressed I cant even surf the web with a trackpad let alone draw. I have Affinity but I have never tried painting or drawing with it, will test it out.

  • @Stephanie-Hider thanks, it's not too hard, but i think it'd be a lot easier with a stylus/wacom tablet. I had one long ago (small) but I sucked at digital paint so I gave up. A decade later I'm using this trackpad. LOL.

    How do you like Manga Canvas? I saw a video where this guy uses Photoshop on his iPad via Astropad App: https://youtu.be/OsxcPKb9-CM

  • I use the latest version of photoshop on a cintiq companion. I use shortcuts mostly, so can turn off the ui to give me a larger screen area. I never us the buttons on the left, they are too fiddly. A good piece of software to use on the cintiq is Mischief. The endless canvas feature us awesome if you just want to sketch with it. Hope you're having fun.

  • SVS OG

    I use Photoshop CC with a desktop monitor and a Wacom tablet. Would love to try a Cintiq one day but that will have to wait.

  • CS6 (Photoshop) with a bamboo tablet.

    I also have a Surface Pro 3 that I occasionally use for sketches. I have Photoshop on it but I'm finding that Sketchable App is a lot less laggy.

  • Been using Photoshop since the late 90's. It was part of an art class I took in high school. For a little while I messed around with Corel Painter but those Adobe shortcuts are so ingrained that I couldn't enjoy myself. Same with CorelDRAW. Ugh gross. My Wacom Intous 3 has been with me since college. I can't compare it to anything because it's all I've used. I would love a Cintiq but that thing is $$$$$.

  • I am currently using Manga Studio 5/Clip Studio Paint. I really like sketchbook pro and photoshop, but I can't get on the subscription software bandwagon. I guess if my work starts making me money I could justify the monthly costs, but until then I am getting by just fine with my $30 software.

    Does anyone know of a viable alternative to Adobe Illustrator? I had used Macromedia Freehand long ago, but they have long ago been acquired by the Adobe machine. I like to play with vector illustration, but would not use it enough to justify paying for it monthly.

  • @seanwelty Affinity Designer is pretty good. https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/designer/

  • Hey 🙂

    I've used Sketchbook Pro, Photoshop and Manga Studio in the past, but since I got the iPad Pro and Pencil (I saw that @will-terry is still struggling to get a hold of the pencil - I was super lucky, but man - I would NOT be happy if I were Will), I've just been using Procreate for everything. It can handle fast sketching and full on paintings on large canvasses. Here's a quick Ronnie Wood caricature sketch I did today using Procreate and I'll probably start painting it tomorrow.


    Apparently Affinity Designer is being ported to iPad Pro at the moment. I've never used the desktop version though.


  • I use Photoshop CC, Sketchbook Pro, Manga Studio (awesome brush engine), and Mischief. I haven't made a clean switch to all digital. I still like to work traditionally for some projects and then combine the digital with the traditional.

  • @Rob-Smith I need to try Mischief a few here have mentioned it. I love Manga's brushes too.

    @Ace-Connell Very nice! I'd be interested in seeing the painted version if you want to share. I've seen that quite a few people really like the feel of drawing on the ipad.

  • @Ace-Connell - Yeah, Apple hurts sooo good. Mine comes tomorrow... 🙂

  • @Will-Terry let us know what you think!!! maybe make a forum post about it?

  • I use photoshop and clip studio. In some ways I like Clip studio for painting more than photoshop but what aggravates me is that I can't use any of my photoshop tools (tools I'm use to) in Clip Studio and replication of said tools eludes me.

  • @lyddie_lee see if this helps and let me know, cause I've been wanting to learn to do make custom brushes in MS5 the way I have so many in Photoshop. Well the few I really love... been meaning to get to it, but too much to learn some days, and not enough hours. Hope that helps...

  • I primarily use Photoshop and a free online sketch program called Open Canvas 1. I am trying to learn Manga Studio because I would like to get into comics and I occasionally work in in Paint Tool Sai when I don't feel like dealing with Photoshop but want similar effects. x)

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